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i have taken the engine out of my 04 impreza and found out that this was source of all of my problems (attached picture). i have been told that it needs a rebore, new pistons and a rebuild or a new engine. does anybody know of a replacement engine, an engine exchange or someone that can help me out repairing this one. im only 23 so it needs to be done as cheaply as possible. please feel free to send me suggestions on how to move forward. Thanks


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2k + for a rebuild,

This could be another option


Or contact matty at mb developments, breaker of subarus cheapest option probably around a grand for a whole long engine

Short and curlies of It is, either way it's not really cheap, you'll need to get the 2nd hand engine mapped to save it going bang too

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Generally most engine builders would only recommend a 0.5 mm over bore. Otherwise you risk undermining the sleeves, especially on a open deck block , so if it's got a 1mm score in the bore I'd say you'd need a new block .

So stants has probably recommended the best options above imo .

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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As said above, damage looks pretty bad on that and i'd be surprised if its salvageable without relining, which is doable but expensive. you may find it's cheaper to get a new block anyway. (by new i mean new to you so second hand).

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