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Legacy BH5 GTB Restoration (sort of)


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Should've started a thread when I joined really but Im lame.  Anyway Ive done quite a few things to the car and would say its fairly racy!  All being well, early next year I will be a dad again and its fair to say this car is not very family friendly, with exception of size.  My initial plan was to use this as an excuse to get a Fozzy STI or 2.5 XTEN but the Mrs was not keen and preferred the idea of an Impreza Wagon.  Looked at a few examples locally with no joy.

It suddenly occurred to me that I would be spending £k's on something new and with all second hand cars a potential headache.  With that in mind I realised that the Legacy was 100% solid, mechanically reliable and Ive spent quite a bit of money making it that way, so was my money better spent taking the old girl back to its original form as a sporty family wagon?  The answer you may have guessed was yes! 

3 big things need to be sorted

  1. Suspension - currently running Meister R coilovers.
  2. Exhaust - currently straight through Hayward & Scott.
  3. Appearance - Stickered up, canards and large spoiler

Ill leave it at that for the mo and keep updated with the plan of action. 

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@kershaw-330s definitely will mate.  

Firstly where I am with it. 

Suspension - Sourcing a set of the original Bilsteins its difficult to say the least and gave up from a second hand pov. Subaru want circa £400 per strut alone so that was a no go either. @stants put me on to a local company my way called Pedders.  They were very helpful and offer replacement struts all rounds and standard springs for the rear.  Unfortunately the only springs they offer for the front are lowered 40mm versions, which are no good for me.  This LED to a call to Subaru at Slip End, Luton to see what the crack was with some original Bilstein front springs.  They contacted Japan and within 1hr got back saying they had 2 on the shelf and were £73 each :clapping:what a result that was.

So on order I have new standard spec suspension all round inc top mount kits :yes: all in cost me £692.

Exhaust - Already sourced a very nice condition original stock back box to replace the H&S.  Hopefully this will take the db down a bit.

Brakes - Ordered up some new STI Brembo sized Godspeed front grooved discs with kevlar pads, bargain at £150 delivered!!  Rears ordered up as standard discs and pads £60 delivered. 

Needs new wheel studs all round.  Have ordered some fancy new nuts to go on to them too.

Appearance - Have been down to my body shop and had a good chinwag about the whole thing.  Decided that the passenger side is tidy enough to leave for the moment.  Im going with a respray of bonnet, front bumper (remove canards), entire passenger side inc skirts etc and rear bumper.   The rear spoiler is coming off completely and will be smoothed in so no evidence there ever was one :ph34r:.   Finally debadge the boot.  

Booked in for the 12th September :punk: not sure of cost yet though.  Id like to see it all come in under £3K. 

Pictures coming soon......


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Not often you see a project thread in reverse but better the devil you know [emoji6]

What pads are you running in the front brembos?

As I've gotta switch the current red stuff pads for some that actually work when cold [emoji23]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Ha true! Needs must mate.

The new ones are a generic 'kevlar'. Thought I'd just get the package and see how it goes, can always get some different ones in easily enough. The current set are DS2500 which I find good performance wise (even from cold) but squeal in hot weather when in traffic. 

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So things haven't gone exactly to plan. Let down by my original guy to do the work I've had to re organise everything.  

Mechanical work booked in on Monday 3rd Oct.

Quote back today for all body work and very very favourable so will be booking in next week :biggrin:

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Been a while! So Pedders sent me the wrong suspension AGAIN!!!!  Outback shocks this time.  They have sent out what we hope is the right set of front shocks today (third time lucky) but garage wont be able to fit me in till end of next week.  The new set are a 'sports' shock but the backs are only listed as a 'standard' shock so no idea what its going to drive like.  Pedders have said if its not right they will have it at theres and sort it one way or another. 

Booked it in at the body shop for the 31st Oct :biggrin: assuming that Ive managed to get it back on the !Removed! road by then!! 




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Got the car back with all new suspension, discs, pads, studs and nuts.  Drives nicely from the short trip Ive had.  Brakes are definitely not as sharp though but thats cool.

In on the 31st for all the body work :biggrin:.  Only thing left after that is the zorst to sort and a full wheel alignment set up job.





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So it's been a while but these things never go to plan!  When I started I thought it would be mostly done come end of September last year.

The good news is all the respray has been done now.  Had a bit of back and forth with it but to be expected I guess.

Last part of the puzzle is the exhaust which I now have booked in for the 11th March.  Decent size mid box going in to quieten it down a little hopefully.  

When the weather is decent and I get time I'll put up some finished pictures :biggrin:

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