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Dealer Woes


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My daily (skoda) went in for its 80k service at the main dealer we buy the cars from. Never had a issue apart from the free health checks " your tyres are on 4mm you should change them for our linglong brand @ 40985749875 each. and extortionate prices for new brakes.

Anyway, picked it up at 4pm friday and went back to work , got to my parents and my brother in law noticed a puddle of oil, opened the bonnet and woah..... oil everywhere when cranking we could see oil firing out the filter housing (on the top) puddles of oil everywhere and i had just drove along a very dangerous stretch of road. 3 hours later car is left outside my parents and waiting for dealer to open saturday morning.

Dealer kinda apologetic, wanted me to use my recovery to get it to them for investigation, then they said they would put a new filter on, top up the oil and drive it!!!!!!!! , eventually turns out they misfitted the oil filter.

So... 3 hours friday night = plans ruined 

4 hours till car collected saturday = plans ruined of going away for bank holiday.


Courtesy car kinda got brushed under the carpet ... luckily i got my scoob / wifes car and a l200 so it didnt bother me as such


Now can i claim compensation you think? I was looking at trading it in and for a 62 plate octavia SE plus with 80k on they offered me 3k!

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apparently is a governing body, i rang them (motor codes) they are very helpful and looking into it! 


they have delivered the car back today, given me 5 litres of quantum oil (****) and a little detailling pack as a gift.... and didnt wash it 

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54 minutes ago, Tidgy said:

pretty crap that. would at least expect them to clean up al the oil in the bay given its their fault its there


They didn't even do that?!? I would be kicking off big time... make an official complaint! 

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You wouldn't expect a garage to fook up something as routine as a oil filter ,especially main stealers.

Lucky you spotted the leak before you drove off with the family for the weekend . It could've spat all the oil out and gone bang on the carriage way [emoji53]

Did you check the level once you noticed the leak ?

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Yeah was pretty bone dry ! 


Been on on phone to skoda uk today they are investigating the dealer 


I'm due a change , had a pint to cool down Saturday and md come in , had a chat and said get them to do a good deal and get that grey vrs you wanted 

They wasn't interested ! 





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