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Ive recently fitted an AFR wideband kit to my 2.0 EJ207 engine which has been mapped by TDRacing and ive got a couple of questions over the maps afrs. Now im new to the EJ after coming from toyotas 2zz world.


The cars running 21psi hold 19psi at the red line and is relitively a stock EJ207 so a VF35 with a 3" turbo back exhaust/3 port/induction kit/fuel pump. So just basic mods with a TDR map and i have a print out for 344bhp and 328ft of torque.

At WOT the car is running 10.2:1 from 3-7k. No fluctuations at all so time has been spent making sure the AFR's sit there for what ever reason. To me personally this is pritty rich as on my other engines id have been aiming for low 11s at this sort of boost/power, maybe 10.8 midrange then tail off a little bit leaner at the top end.

It also seems that the whole map is pritty "rich" to what id normally run. It seems to pull 13:1s in 1-5vacuum and from atmos to getting light boost (0-8psi) its already at low 12s. 8-16psi is mid 11s.

The cars done several track days and runs spot on, even in the 30degree heatwave we had it was absolutely perfect. So not knowing the EJs im just assuming this is correct for them? 

The cars a proper alcoholic but i expected this before i bought it. But im wondering if it is actually running far to rich and it !Removed! alot of fuel for no gain tbh, or wether thats just how they are mapped to keep them in one piece. As said the cars done several track days and been completely reliable but it does damn drink 😂


Can anyone share some light into it?

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Idle and vacuum id be expecting 14.7:1, start loading up yeah 12-13s.

Ive got open port for the car so i might just remove some fuel in certain areas to get it back up around 11:1. 


Last thing i want to do is make the car unreliable. Im not bothered by it running really rich if its reliable. I know EGTs will be a lot lower at 10:1 than 11:1 so maybe thats why its been set up like it has - keep it safe for repeated track use

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As said its TDR whos mapped it, i presume its the owner mark thwaites. Seeing as TDR as a subaru impreza specialist and are running in a couple of cars in TA id assume that he knows what hes doing.


The only thing that has changed since its last map is that its had an external fuel pump and swirl pot installed. I cant see that making any difference as they are both 255 pumps.


Last graph i have of the car. Shame it doesnt have seperate pages with boost/AFR printed on it for me to have a gander at to confirm.



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24 minutes ago, Piggysniffer said:

My wideband reads 10.2 even when calibrated, but romraider and my recent map read 11.1

Hmmm. Its a AEM failsafe wideband which i know was really acurate when i last had a car run. Might be a possibility though

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Not sure if your refering to mine or the ones above. 

Theres nothing wrong with the trims against TPS on mine - there all spot on as a number with no fluctuations just slight richer than what i would have mapped other engines too.


I downloaded the map and the WOT open loop area is set for 11:1. Did a few logs and its achieving that.


So must be the same issue as above - my widebands reading lower than the stock one. Probably due to the OEM one being pre turbo and the AEM being post turbo


I think ill leave it alone as the cars running really nice and has been completely reliable out on track. No point trying to sacrifice that to save some small margins in fuel if my wideband not reading really accurate to the OEM one

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Sorry bud , ignore my last comment.

I was running around on stilts plastering a ceiling ,decided to sit on the window sill to take a breather and got my rich and lean numbers mixed up.

Unsure if position would affect the afr as much as it would egt but I'd ignore my signature [emoji116] and leave it be lol

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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