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What do I buy


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Good evening everyone hope your all ok?

I have a dilemma! Just sold my WRX blobeye. I have to say it was a very upsetting time. Anyway!

I would like I bit more space, good power, all the toys and low mileage.

Sounds simple mmmmm no!

I love the Forster STI but all power no toys.

I like the SV all toys no power.

The legacy in nice to but don't like the new model looks like a vectra yuck !!

So the question is what to go for do I drop the power or the toys? Or is there a medium?

Got about 12k to spend would love to hear your thoughts and opinions please?

Thanks Dave

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XV is a looker, well toyed out & practical, not overly spacious but better than a saloon. supercharge it and add some chassis bracing, brake upgrade & you have something interesting & different. Shame they didn't do a 2.2l (2.2 engine was great compared to 2.5 series) as the 2l is a bit weak for awd suv, 2.2 would of been nice blown either by tc or sc .

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