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Should I buy a 2010 WRX STI 330s?

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Hi, I'm new to the subaruownersclub and want to find out some information...

So I'm 100% sure I want to buy a WRX STI and have seen a 2010 WRX STI 330s prodrive for sale... However I have heard several different things about this model, some forums I have read have said that they are very prone to ringland failure and require mapping however quite a few also state that these problems seemed to occur in cars below 2010. I just wondered if anyone had any information that could be helpful for me, I'm not from England so will be travelling a long way to get the car and would be gutted to have a wasted journey on a car that fills me with problems. 

Is this a problem which just occurs on the 330s model or does it also happen on the standard WRX STI models?

Thanks, Sammie.

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As above - 2008 on have issues - although I had none with mine. The Subaru map / patch was supposed to address it but many 330's still failed - we also had a CS400 owner on here who potentially had the same thing - I would recommend an aftermarket map specific to the car itself.

Plenty of cars have been sorted so you have the opportunity to get something that will be reliable. Some failures were also attributed to oil starvation so if you are looking to spend time cornering hard and with consistent high revs look at a baffled sump or even a dry sump solution.

Other than that great cars and I am looking forward to owning another

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