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New JDM sti owner


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Hi everyone.

Just getting my first post.

Always been a Toyota man.

started with a 1.0L Yaris and put an HKS turbo kit on it.

went to the 1.5L Tsport Yaris after that.

Then went to the Mk3 MR2 and forged the engine along with a turbo kit.

Sold it last month after 8 years ownership and got a high mileage 2004 JDM sti (96k miles).

It's been a busy month learning as much as I can about what mods work etc and the differences between UK and JDM


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I had a couple of failed attempts at registering with the DVA which made my blood. Only got the car legal last Thursday after 3 weeks of ownership. Done about 150 miles now and I'm in love!

I wasn't sure how it would compare to my Mr2 turbo but to have a car that came out of the factory like this is unbelievable how sorted it is. It's a dream to drive. A hardcore road car with practicality and race car looks.

i will try and get nice pics up tomorrow. 

HT auto front lip

HT auto rear diffuser

HT auto side skirt extensions

Unknown eBay smaller carbon wing mirrors colour coded.

Fujitusbo Exhaust

Cosworth panel filter

HKS Ssqv IV with my own recirculating pipe

Perrin spoiler stiffies

Greddy turbo timer

red LED rear fog moved into cluster

LED reverse bulb and side lights

silver indicator bulbs 

EDIT - and also a Laile Beatrush under panel 


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Thanks for the compliments, I love it too!

Flip I forgot to get a pic of the immaculate engine bay. Ill get one up ASAP.

Had my first drag day in it at the weekend. Keep in mind its not a sticky drag strip, just an airfield similar to Crail.

I had hoped to get 13.9 without much effort but only managed a 14.1 with 1.95 60ft and 97 mph.

Its fun letting the car rev up to 8k but it makes it hard to find the gears and isn't the fastest way to make it down the strip as I found out.

I moved my shift point back to around 6800 with the factory shift light and the gears were easier to find along with nice constant acceleration.

There is so many parts I just don't know whats been tried and tested and hope I can get some advise on the first steps before going to a remap.

What is the general consensus on most cost effective parts for getting to around 340hp?

I was looking at the RCM manifold, up pipe and down pipe, uprated fuel pump and then going for a remap.

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Update - turned out the person I bought the car from has just put a restrictor pill into the turbo line to keep boost down and avoid knocking with the UK fuel!

Anyway the car was probably only pushing 260hp.

So after a year of ownership I finally got an open source remap done by Bluedog tuning here in Northern Ireland.

My best 1/4 time now is 13.009 @ 106 mph which I am over the moon with.

Here is my setup:

3" RCM downpipe heat wrapped

3" Fujitsubo exhaust with resonators removed

K&N Typhoon induction kit

SWRD 290 lph fuel pump

Surefire (Red) coilpacks

NGK PFR7G spark plugs heat range 7

Liqui Moly 10w60 oil

Toyo T1-R tyres 225/45/17 (33psi front 29psi rear)

HKS Bov vent to atmosphere

Rear seats and spare tyre removed (not as heavy as I expected - only shaved 46kg from the car).

All in all I'm super happy with the time that was on a dry runway with cross wind, so maybe some Yokohama AD08R s, lightweight Battery, air con delete and the RCM manifold I will be into the 12 second bracket.


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