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Head gasket gone


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Last night on the way home head gasket went(I new it wasn't going to be to long so I expected it), still runs and has not over heated.

It a 1994 classic turbo and I'm running around 320bhp, I just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas on the thickness of the to gasket needed and a good make, thanks in advance


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Being a 22yr old engine I'd say that you'd be better off re freshing the bottom end as well .

Can't help with the headgasket thickness I'm afraid but if you're using the oe pistons /heads and the heads don't need skimming a standard thickness gasket would be fine.

If you have to get the head faces skimmed or change the pistons the only tech info I can give of the top of my head , to help calculate the gasket thickness, is that the v1/v2 cylinder head chambers are 46cc in capacity.

Once the crank is out check it over before ordering the shells, as subaru cranks don't like to be reground. If the journals are just outside subaru spec you might be lucky enough to get away with "oversized shells " .Most use the acl brand shells .

Plastigauge the bottom end on reassembly to be sure the clearances are correct .

Bear in mind that a full oe gasket kit ,timing belt kit,new shells and water pump won't give much change from £900 [emoji6]

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Do you have a good local machine shop that preferably has experience with the boxer layout?

As it's definitely worth getting them to check the bores for ovality and taper, to see if you'll just get away with a hone and standard sized pistons.

If the bores are outside oe tolerances you might have to go with some oversized pistons and a 0.5mm over bore .

Has the ring broken and is there any visual signs of damage/pitting to the bores ,piston crown,head chamber or valves?

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