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Gearbox, diff oil change advice please


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Hi all, some of you might know, I've just done an engine oil change to my 2005 WRX and it got me thinking about the gearbox and diff oils. How often should these be changed? Are they difficult jobs to do? The cluch was changed in January (before I bought it), should they have changed the gearbox oil then?

many thanks


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Gearbox and diff oil is easy, it won't have been done when the clutch was replaced as there's no real need unless you had a major service done ??

The interval is 3 years Iirc.

Gearbox/front diff, there's a drain plug on underside of the box, remove and drain, as for re filling you have to use the gearbox dip stick hole underneath the intercooler, a funnel and length of hose is easiest for this.

Rear diff there's a drain hole and a fill hole on the back of the diff as you look at it from behind, think they are 22/23mm plugs, undo the top one 1st to make sure it comes free, then undo the drain plug at bottom,

Refute drain plug, fill via the top hole until it starts to come out the pop the plug back in again

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Nice one thanks guys. My car is at 54000 miles. Will check the service history and see if it's be done. If I can't find any info, I'll just do it. Well if 30000 is the make then it's pretty close to having it done for the second time anyway.

Thanks again. Very helpful place. Glad I joined. [emoji1]

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1 minute ago, Jamie_uk said:

Are all Subarus a t70 bit for drain plug?  Need to do mine it's low and changes are notchy and stiff

Not all of them no, some are just a big bolt like the oil sump. Best just jack it up and have a look!

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