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WRX STi owners


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Sorry people - dumb question from the back of the class.

I've just bought one of these late versions (post 2014) and was told by the dealer that standard unleaded fuel was fine. I've previously had 2 high powered Legacy TT's that were meant to be run on SUL, due to be mapped to 100+RON in the east. But that was specific to their mapping, not really their power. However, sometimes, these both crossover as many of you know with tuned UK Scoobies.

The handbook does mention 98RON which is a bit of a giveaway. But I don't know whether that is just advisable or mandatory.

I am now confused - are you guys running yours on SUL or standard fuel ?

Thanks people. 


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I took delivery of mine yesterday and filled up with Esso Premium unleaded (nearest one to the dealership). I have been a bit nervous about fuel consumption having read and watched reviews telling me to expect 20mpg, maybe 29 "if you drive like your granny". Well I've just driven to Heathrow and back from Bournemouth and averaged 36mpg in typical rush hour traffic and driving at the same speed as everyone else i.e. at or around the legal limit when not stuck in traffic jams on the M25.

These journalists don't half talk a load of b@ll@cks.

To answer your question, I will stick with the premium stuff, probably Shell V-Power. The extra cost will be offset a little, but not completely, by improved fuel consumption and if it looks after the engine then so much the better.

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People - thanks for your responses!:thumbsup: You have sort of all confirmed what I thought.

It just confused me because on the test drive of it from the dealer, the sales guy said we needed to stop at the fuel station before we do too much mileage and promptly placed 95 in there. When he got back in the car, I asked him why 95. He just responded that this was OK for this motor.

Anyway, you guys know better and I had a suspicion that a 300bhp motor from smaller displacement requires SUL. So Shell / Tesco's 99 it is.

Flowman - you're doing well to get 36. I thought I was creeping along nicely at 32 and that's sat at 70/75, 6th gear for 40 miles. But you thrash my economy!:thumbsup: And I agree about your sentiments re the bollox the reviewers give out. I too was worried about 20mpg that they reported and decided just to go for it and see.

Tidgy - for a decade, I spent trawling through 35k miles per annum in a diesel because economy was my no.1 concern. I binned that idea in 2013 and started running motors that could achieve 30-35mpg if careful, but still working through 30k+ p/a.

There are 2 ways to this. If you are only concerned about economy, buy a boring Euro econo-box. If you are concerned about economy but want style, buy a Scooby.

You can make a Scooby more economical by being a little gentler on the right foot - but get some shift out of it when required. You can't make a boring econo-box interesting or faster.

That's my view. I think some of us can have our cake and eat it with these.


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I run a volvo v50 diesel as a daily and then my type R as a weekend toy, run two cars for years this way. Best of both. I switched to an M3 to use as a single car and just found it dull and boring and 6 months later swapped it for the Type R.

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Yeap agreed Tidgy. That's another way of doing this - one for the week / one for the weekend.

I've actually just departed that scene for the 1st time since 1994 - well, probably not quite true. I had 3 weekend cars and one of those long standers had to go, along with the daily mile muncher, in order to get this WRX. 


Richard Burns once said:- "I save my speed for the rally stage. On the roads, I drive like a Nun. Doesn't mean I don't like fast cars - I just know where it matters to drive them fast".

Love that quote.

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