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1st time impreza buyer help needed


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hi all

I am a qualified technician and have been for 17 years and always fancied a impreza but never bothered until now

basically I am wanting some advise as with now started working on roadside and not having full use of a workshop I have some issues

I am wanting to know what the best impreza is to buy sub £8k but lower if possible

I am going to use as my daily however only doing 30 mile a week

want a totally standard one

only things I will be doing is a budget full exhaust system purely because am not after performance just to free up the standard one and to have that lush tone they all have

more likely to ad a filter weather it be cone or pannel

will upgrade radiator and hoses to silicone

not after power as just want a pretty reliable car that looks n sounds the part and can have good fun in

I love the hawk eye shape and blog eye but not fussed

so whats the pro's and cons ie 2.0 or 2.5 turbo

and even if the frog eye was the most suited for my needs i'd have one of those

and of course needs to be a saloon as looking in the rear view and seeing that big spoiler puts that smile you had when you 1st past passed your test at 17 and picked ur 1st !Removed! up haha

so all comments pics etc welcome cheers


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1. Sti - stronger engine + running gear, more power, higher tune possibilities. WRX - still fast and fun but much cheaper to buy

2. 2.5 engines - quite high failure rates (google "impreza ringlands"), same power as 2.0 but higher torque. Also majority are higher tax bracket although you can ocassionally find an early 05 Hawk registered still within old tax bracket, very rare though. If you buy 2.5 it would be best if you put money aside for engine rebuild / forging (unless you buy already forged but unlikely under 8k). 2.0 - really good engines, with panel filter and decat exhaust after remap you'll get extra 50-60bhp.

I think that's basically sums it up unless someone adds something else. My advice: if you are not bothered about big power and mods go for clean WRX and see how you like it. That money will easily get you late, clean, low mileage Blobeye and you still should have some spare change for a few small mods and a remap.

Hope that helps :)

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Buy a classic would be my choice especially if you want a standard one

Prices are going up so would likely not lose money on it. With only doing 30 miles a week you are not going to increasing the mileage huge amounts.

Difficult to find a good one though and prices are all over the place 

Type r 8-15k

Sti 5-10k


Failing that a hawkeye wrx are more comfortable to drive but 2.5 litre


Oh by the way im bias I love the classic

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I love the classic but finding a tidy one is hard seem to have corrosion on arch issues tho don't they?

The rear arches are the first thing the salt attacks on classics but the early classics are nearly 25 yrs old . You can always get round rust by either buying a clean 1 , buying 1 that had them repaired or buying a recent / fresh jdm import .

Your probably less likely to loose as money on a classic, say over 3yrs but they are a raw drive and less refined than a bugeye onwards (newage) .

If its just rust thats putting you off ,Id suggest to drive both classic and newage to see what suits you best

My classic takes my family of 4 to the airport laden with cases (practical enough ) but my mum don't like it apparently " it's like being in a go cart" [emoji4]

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