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boosting issues

danny wright

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hello im new to this can anybody help me .i was driving along the other day at normal speed and i went to boot it a little got to 3000 rpm and the turbo feels like it starts and stops almost as if fuel coming through then stops then starts again i have not got no engine lights on at all drives fine under 3000 rmp any ideas what this can be i dnt want to spend money if i dnt need to please somebody help me !!!

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Are they the bkr product code? They might work but certainly not the best plug you can use. A local member had to change them out becuase the car just wouldn't boost right with them.

Other things to check with your boost issue would be any boost leaks in vac lines. If you recently bought it, check to see if the pill is still in place.

Any mods done to it?

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How much fuel was in the tank and did it cut out just after a right hand turn ?

As scoobs are notorious for fuel sloshing in the tank and causing boost cut ,when you have under half a tank [emoji6]

Search on here for "classic self ecu code check" to see if you've got any codes stored .

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