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Rear brake dust covers


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Hi I have been having some noise from my rear brakes like a constant grinding at low speed that comes and go's and the discs did not look great so ordered some new discs pads and handbrake shoes from eurocarparts and am having the garage down the road fit them.  They called me in as the car was on the ramp to show me what was making the noise as I thought it was the handbrake shoes turns out its the disc dust covers that have gone rotton leaving bits of rust in the bottom.

What are my options for replacing the dust covers or can they just be got rid of and cut off.  The garage are going to clean them up the best they can with a wire brush on a drill and put a bit of anti rust paint on for now.  I have MOT next month as well so am wondering if they will affect that, its a 05 plate blob eye WRX 2.0.

Cheers Graham


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