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Tips and tricks to make car 'shine'


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Hi all I've been looking at all the topics about the various polishes and waxes etc and I could be getting a bit confused.

I've only ever really used t cut to hide/ remove scratches and the auto glym polish for the shine. I've only ever really had 'run of the mill' car and auto glym put a nice shine on them. But since owning my WRX I can't but help thinking that I can do better. I've seen a lot of people mention waxes, am I missing something? Do you use a wax as well as a polish?

Any tips and trick to get the ultimate deep shine will be gratefully received.

Many thanks

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I'm no detailer but I do like to keep a clean scoob ,so here's what I'll do in the spring ....

Jet wash and 2 bucket hand wash .

clay bar or cloth (to remove tar spots ) rinse again .

Sonax silver polish to hide stone chips and marks .

Auto glym resin polish to lessen swirls and make the metallic paint fleck "pop" .

Good quality wax (colinite 845 or some sort of carnauba wax ) this stops the polish washing off, if you re'apply once every 2 months .

Just before winter I use a " paint sealer" over the wax to help it stay clean .

I'm sure plenty of others will have their own method and products but that seems to work for me without breaking the bank [emoji6]

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Most of the products theses days recommend a cutting compound then Polish and finally a wax to seal it all,

Weather you can actually see the visible difference between the products is debatable, and depends on the methods used to apply etc.

For a couple of years I used the Meguiars 3 stage 'red' bottles after that I tried their 'ultimate' range, I can't honestly see the difference, the ultimate cut and polishes are slightly easier to apply and buff off but in my opinion that's about it, maybe I should go for a da polisher but for 20 year old paint work is it worth it ?

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I use auto smarts Duet wash and wax soap once a week, that's after knocking the rough off with weakish TFR soap. After that it's out with the wax it wet from autoglym

For a deep clean I use evo3 cutting compound from auto smart. Use an electric buffer and plenty of water in a spray bottle with a drop of wax it wet mixed in for better lubrication. Then out with the auto glym resin polish to finish. 

Not very environmentally friendly but the best thing to remove tar from paintwork is diesel, just wipe over the top with a sponge till it dissolves, no damage to the paintwork either  😀


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I quick hose over mine,then bucket with auto glym shampoo in it,rince then micro fibre to dry,about hour from start to finish,dont see point in spendin all day when its nice wasting it cleanin a car when it most probly rain again next day,would probly take a little longer if going to a show.if its not got thick dirt on it I just use turtle wax waterless wash,takes even less time to do it then.

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Soft99 fusso coat or king of gloss are brilliant at making paintwork very shiney. Maybe have a look on detailingworld.co.uk there are some really helpful people and posts on there for cleaning, correcting and maintaining paintwork 

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