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New Forester


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Just bought a low mileage 04 plate Forester X, AWP. Its going to be an ideal wagon for my fishing trips, no more getting stuck etc.

I've had a few classic impreza turbos back in the day so not entirely new to subaru, buts it been a few years since the flat four burble!

As usual few quick questions...

1 - Put it into reverseve and makes a few beeping noises but then nothing, else, no sensors at the back evident? If its just a warning beep to tell me ive put it into reverse then can/how do I disable it?

2 - Can I fit impreza alloys - got some 16" Speedline chronos to go on -195/55/16 - currently got some 205/70/15 on the car - i know there is a small difference in offset (7mm) but will it be ok?

3 - Do i just need a std double din cage to fit a double din Stereo? or extra brackets or? currently has single din cd player and cubby hole.

Will get some pics up asap, loving the big sunroof as well!

Cheers Dave.


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Hi mate, thanks for the welcome, pcd is the same its the offset thats slightly worrying me - Forester 48mm - impreza 55mm, I think it means the wheels will be nearer the strut and a slightly lower overall track but i could be wrong! im hoping 7mm makes bugger all difference:biggrin:


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Hello& welcome, The 16" should fit and clear as the standard tyre is 205 or 215 so with the different offset I think you'll be OK.

No idea how to turn the beeping off is as I don't have that on mine

Again I presume the double din cage would work, you don't have anything like heater controls integrated into the bottom of the Stereo?

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Thanks Stants. Good news on the wheels.

The beeping is weird I must admit, its almost like a warning beep like on lorries when reverse is engagaed - but it only lasts a few seconds, just a bit annoying.

Still looking for a Stereo so we shall see if end up with single/ double din.

Cheers Dave

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