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Subaru Impreza Rear Window Shattered For No Reason?


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Just curious if anyone else has ever none of this to happen, been driving for 20 years personally and never experienced or heard of this happening to anyone else.

Basically was just driving along normally this morning on the way to work, have a 100% completely standard 2006 Impreza WRX, was going along in normal traffic and normal speeds of around 50 - 60 Mph, then out of nothing the rear window completely shatters for no reason.

The Window before today had no signs of damage, nether any chips, cracks or even scratches. Nothing hit the window (baring a falling small meteor rock) impact on the window at the time from a repelling object would not have even been possible due to the speed I was moving forward, the road I was on it would not have even been possible for a car on the other lanes to have fired up a stone back in my direct to impact the window

The Rear heated window was turn off had not been used at all that morning.

So yea that all I know of what happened, its like today was the day my rear window screen just gave up scattered for no explainable reason, and when I say shattered I mean completely into small tiny pieces shattered 100% all over the entire window, by the time I turned round and got back home to get this sorted out though the insurance, the window had mostly fallen out in small chucks back into and all over the back of my car.

Anyone else ever known of anything like this to happen to ether this or any other type of car?

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Yea have had a little look online and turns out this does sometimes happen, guess you have to be very unlucky considering the odds against it happening, or very lucky depending on how you look at it, got me off work for the day even though I felt like a school kids telling the teacher "I haven't got my home work cos the dog eat it" having to tell work, "hey I can't come to work today becasue I was on my way to there but my Rear Car Windscreen just shattered for no apparent reason so now I have to turn back home and sort this **** out", best part is insurance company way quick to respond and had glass fitters and the car all fixed up and cleaned out before 4 this afternoon, so when work see my car tomorrow it looks like nothing ever really happened, but day off work alll good even if the truth sounds like a **** excuse.

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Wouldn't have any cracks in it anyway as a crack should shatter it.

Saw an article about someone's house window shattering for no reason, think that was as said due to hot/cold cycles.

Anything that would cause it to crack a tiny little bit or break off etc would instead make the whole thing shatter

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