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1998 JDM Forester S/tb


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Hi, I'm Lucas, 23 yrs. From Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Just imported my car through Brian @ B-Pro Imports in Calgary, AB.

So far I've lifted my Forester with a custom 2" ADF Anderson Design and Fabrication lift kit from a guy named Patrick in Sandy, Oregon, USA. It was custom made to get proper alignment specs for the tires I put on.

I have custom wheels made by Diamond Racing Wheels-16x8 neg 51 off set wheels, wrapped in 225/70R16 BF Goodrich tires.

Planning on making some finder flares. Going to use conveyor belt for mud flaps.

Also making a custom bash bar for front bumper.

Looking into a 48" Yakima roof rack with basket, that will have my 52" Rigid Industries light bar attached.

Currently installing my Auto Meter boost gauge- holy f*ck there's a lot of wire to deal with and so much Japanese. My gf is officially my translator lol.

Trying to make my car as original as possible. Went to a car meet and have gotten a lot of compliments so far. My gf signed me up on this site to get some ideas and opinions on future projects. Hope you all can share a few ideas and get acquainted with me. Look forward to being apart of this club.










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Hello & welcome looks really good lifted, 🖒 the my97 engines suffer from slot of piston slap, may be worth investing in a block heater or sump warmer least when it's about -30°c out it will be less slappy

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1 minute ago, RpsChesterfield said:

Is it wrong i want those wheels on mine? There zombie slaying wheels


Welcome aboard mate

That is absolutely alright. A company in the states named Diamond Racing Wheels custom made them for me. 

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