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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there, I’ve recently brought a 2006 WRX and am about to start modifying it. one of the things I wanna get done first is a boost gauge (because why not). I was just wondering where I should get my vacuum source from? I’ve done a bit of research and come up with everyone just going off the BPV/BOV Hose but I’m a little sceptical? should I just go off there or is there a better location? if you can help that’ll be great, and if there’s any chance of pictures that would be amazing!!!! Thanks in advance for the help!!
  2. Hi All, It has been a while since I have been on the forums. I finally decided to upgrade from 2008 impreza RX to a 2011 WRX STI (Saloon). Anyway eventually I upgraded the exhaust and started to notice a loud whine noise when hitting boost. It has been to a local garage and they couldn't find any exhaust or boost leaks. The garage said that they think it is just turbo spool noise resonating through the exhaust but I am just not sure. It sounds louder than what I would expect turbo noise to be. Does anyone have any ideas what could be making the noise? Any help would be appreciated :)
  3. Just had the engine out of my 2006 impreza Sti to do the head gaskets (shock). It is now refitted to the car and I'm experiencing a reeeee sounding noise at about 0.4 Bar, getting louder up to 1.1 Bar where the boost limit is hit. I also have code P2021 "Intake runner position sensor/switch low bank 2 c" showing but disappears and stays off for the duration of the drive when reset, but the reeee noise was there from the moment the engine was boosted the first time, where as the code didn't appear until after the MOT last weekend. As far as I'm aware the garage didn't touch the engine. Previously it was showing the same code but on bank 2 a, but this was sorted by installing the sensor correctly as I hadnt previously. Anyone have any ideas on what the noise could be and if its related to the code, and if there is a sensor c on the ej257 intake runners/TGVs? All hoses are tight and ftted correctly around the intercooler and turbo.
  4. So...I'm picking up my new new slightly used Cobra exhaust next week...if I fit the 3" decat with the full system and DON'T tune I'll get boost creep yes? Or is it a maybe? Ran out of money to do the tune, so would I be safe to run on the exhaust until I can raise funds? I've heard you can boost creep and I've heard sometimes you don't... Dammit @Jay762 need you and your Tactrix! 😂
  5. Hi, I'm Lucas, 23 yrs. From Edmonton, AB, Canada. Just imported my car through Brian @ B-Pro Imports in Calgary, AB. So far I've lifted my Forester with a custom 2" ADF Anderson Design and Fabrication lift kit from a guy named Patrick in Sandy, Oregon, USA. It was custom made to get proper alignment specs for the tires I put on. I have custom wheels made by Diamond Racing Wheels-16x8 neg 51 off set wheels, wrapped in 225/70R16 BF Goodrich tires. Planning on making some finder flares. Going to use conveyor belt for mud flaps. Also making a custom bash bar for front bumper. Looking into a 48" Yakima roof rack with basket, that will have my 52" Rigid Industries light bar attached. Currently installing my Auto Meter boost gauge- holy f*ck there's a lot of wire to deal with and so much Japanese. My gf is officially my translator lol. Trying to make my car as original as possible. Went to a car meet and have gotten a lot of compliments so far. My gf signed me up on this site to get some ideas and opinions on future projects. Hope you all can share a few ideas and get acquainted with me. Look forward to being apart of this club.
  6. New car time. I recently sold the bmw and wanted something with a bit more power so i bought a Subaru Impreza Wrx Uk300 in black. The car came with a pipercross cone filter, 3 inch straight through decat exhaust system and some Sti styling such as the spoiler, splitter, fog covers and winglets. I'm planning on making this a fairly big build, probably bigger than any i've done before. Plans are to get some new wheels which i'm hoping to get some rota gtr's or grids, also planning on having it sit lower on coilovers and get it remapped which should give me around 300bhp. I will also be upgrading all of the bulbs to leds and the headlights will be fitted with hid's soon. Further down the line i'm planning on engine and turbo upgrades. Body work wise, a full respray and a fair amount of custom work. Potentially going to convert it to a 2 door and fit some flared panels to the rear 1/4 to give it a wider look. Should be an interesting project. So far i've removed the grill and centre console which will be be going gloss black. I smoothed over the cup symbol on the centre console just for a slightly cleaner look. I cut the badge out of the grill and smoothed the area aswell so they should be fitted back in the next few days. Stay tuned.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Kaushalya from Colombo, Sri Lanka with a 99 Subaru Impreza GC V6 with few mods here and there. I have attached few pics of my car below. I call it "Destiny". Has given me a lot of life boost and unforgettable moments and friends. It's my 1st post in this forum hence the introduction. Looking forward to cooperate with the members of this forum. Cheers.
  8. Hi there - GC8 engine, remapped with alkatec, running 1.5 boost, TD05, 550 injectors, FMIC, decat at 340bhp. Now running higher boost getting coolant being pushed into overflow tank and overboard when giving it some stick. Does not overheat (has in pipe sensor as well as basic gauge). No heater of course as it is a sprint car. Have checked for air block and have filled correctly. Before it all comes out, just checking I am not missing anything. Stant rad cap seems fine and pipes do feel pretty darn pressurised. Cheers and Happy New Year.
  9. Recently picked up a 95 WRX STi for not a lot, the car just ran out of its MOT, but the main problem I've found when driving is the car completely bogs down and wants to stall as soon as the revs get to where boost kicks in. The car runs and drives fine off boost, but as soon as you get to that area of rev's the engine just shuts down and you need to lift off. As I've just picked this up I'm not all that familiar with the boxer engine as I'm used to a simple little MX5 to work on, so any things I should be looking at as a scooby newbie? Apart from a decat, aftermarket exhaust and an AEM boost gauge on the dash, the car seems to be completely standard. Thanks
  10. Hi new to forum did a quick search **** findex owt so thort I'd ask. I recently had my 2008 wrx hatch remapped and the mapper told me he cudnt get the turbo to boost he sed he wanted 1.7 but only got 1.2 so not as much power as I wud av liked he told me it's cos it's on fully synthetic n I shud use semi synthetic oil seems strange to me tho any ideas? Also car has turbo back exhaust n piper cross panel filter
  11. Hi everyone sorry if this is in the wrong place but just wondering if can get a bit of advice.i have a turbo uk2000 impreza and it was running just short of 300bhp and 1.3 bar of boost after being remapped with with few mods.i took the car in for service and and a few bits and get my exhaust changed aswell was too loud and was advised to take air filter off and put standard box back on(which the garage did) as it can ruin mafs.my exhaust was swapped from 3inch centre pipe to a 2.5 inch centre pipe to quieten her down a bit.but when i got the car back it was only running 0.8 bar of boost so i put my air filter back on and it went up to 1 bar.my question is could i have lost the other 0.3 bar of boost because of the downsize in the centre pipe? And if so would i be ok to get a manual or electronic boost controller and take it back up to 1.3 that it was running before? As it was remapped to that originally i was wondering if that would be ok to do without causing any damage.i would make sure i didnt take it any further than 1.3 without a remap i case of damage.thanks
  12. Firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong section, I did see others asking for the knowledge of the group here hence my post location but I am new to the forum and I don't really have many other places to turn. I can move the post if its in the wrong place but anyone's help/knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Now I should add I have tried reading up on the problem else where and I am at a point of either thinking its transmission related or turbo related, the local garage are stumped as well but they aren't scooby specialists and due to my location in the county it may have to go to Plymouth but I am worried about the drive up there because of distance, however I don't have a great knowledge of turbo cars, nor 4 wheel drive transmission systems. I'm not a complete novice either with most things maniacal and have changed complete engines and gear boxes in the past but this has me a bit stumped, I should add that I was a BMW man from the age of 19 and in January this year I saw the light so to speak :). Now my problem is with my first generation Subaru Impreza 2.0L (1997 UK) has this very strange noise whilst the engine is under load and only when under load, its fine at low speeds,l no noise and out of gear the noise stops straight away, so soon as you pass 30 MPH it starts and I can get the car to 70 with this noise whirring away quite high then as soon as I engage the clutch to disengage the gear, the turbo dunps and the noise stops, so its not brake related, nor steering and I lean away from transmission because its aright in gear at lower speeds, but then the car is under far less load at lower speeds to do things, that being said, me and four wheel drive cars don't have a lot of experience. The noise itself only appears above say 30 MPH and the more the load on the engine the higher the pitch of the noise. I will add I have had the clocks off and driven around with out them in place and still the noise was there as the noise itself sounds and feels like its bang in front of me when I drive, like in the dash board speedo area, it could of course be in the engine bay but I cant stick someone in there and drive around with them on the bonnet. I also blanked/blocked off the boost gauge breather pipe as I then thought it was my piping to the boost gauge in my alpha post but I still have this noise when the boost gauge is disconnected. I also cleaned the DV out which was stinking dirty inside but I still have the noise. Its like a whirring noise, like a doctors drill, it increases under load in tone. I'm not wanting to drive her to much at the moment but I took it out last night to get a good description in my head of what to write here today and after 30 miles it got louder, and more persistent, so it may be heat related, like the car has got hotter and then the noise increased, became more constant. I will add, prior to the noise, on rare occasions on the dual cartridge way hills at speeds of say 80-90 mph before this noise began I used to get an ECU light indication warning come up, (RED on the dash) this would only happen when if I was going up hill but not punching though the gears, like at a constant speed up the hill, sat at 80, the ECU red light would indicate, the first time this happened I stopped straight away, (along with my heart) and it cleared off with the engine being turned off, its happened more and more now with this noise happening (I have to go over 70-80MPH to get it up) but every time it does it will clear with the engine being turned off. I have also videoed the problem which can be watched here on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-9KnWpZh5M&list=UUqlunONtDQFehNV8-4oxqAg video titeled = WRX STI First Generation engine noise whilst under load. Video uploaded for purpose of diagnostics. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Richie.
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