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Anybody know what this part is

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Apexi do a safc fueling computer so you can alter fueling without having a remap but it doesn't look anything like that .


I certainly wouldn't adjust it until you know exactly what it does . As it could be a control box for anything ie hud display ,turbo timer ,fuel computer, boost controller ect .


Id eco stants and say look for a manufacturers mark and model number and give it a google [emoji6]


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@Td05turbo you sound like me,if he had said not touch it my mrs would have had to masking tape my hands to steering wheel on way home as i would have fiddled with it before end street :laugh:,remember the setting then mess with it,can put it back how it was then if car wont start,but if car :blowup: i dint tell you to mess with it :biggrin:

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What id do because it would destroy me internally if somebody told me not to touch something it would take over my life untill i did so my plan

Put a blob of tippex on the unit and adjuster wheel then let dry and see what it does lol

If u fu ck it up put back to tippex marks lol


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