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Brake squeal

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I've got a 2006 Hawkeye Impreza and the brakes have started squealing really loud every time I brake. It seems to be coming from front passenger side. Tys has taken all callipers and pads off to see if there's any problems but all look ok. Does anyone know what it could be? Tia

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The first things to do would be clean the pads and disc with brake cleaner and grease the back of the pads with copper grease.



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Thb not sure what causes brakes to squeal could just be a build up of brake dust & grime . If you've had them all off its a good idea to clean everything up with brake cleaner and reassemble put some copper grease on the back of the pads ( obviously not the side in contact with the discs 😂) this should stop the squealing. 

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So, after a week of taking apart, cleaning, greasing and putting back together countless times then test driving, which was the fun part until we realised they still squealed, and hours of googling, it seems because our break pads are performance pads it is very common for them to squeal in normal everyday driving as they are made for heavy breaking, it's completely normal and nothing we can do apart from changing the pads! 

Looks like we will be buying some new pads very soon. In the meantime we have been told if used in very heavy breaking (70mph very quickly down to 10/20mph) a couple of times should help them stop squealing for a while.

Thanks everyone for the advice it was very much appreciated :smile:

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