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SOLD 1993 JDM Subaru Impreza WRX silver FOR SALE *BONE STOCK!!!*


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Hi there guys,

im posting on behalf of my cousin,

hes got a 1993 subaru impreza wrx jdm import for sale. It was imported around 2007 and it is completely original and stock and no modifications have been done to it probably except the Stereo lol.

This is a version 1 impreza which means it has the more robust closed deck block. it has only 145,000km which translates into approximately 90,000 miles!

the car is in excellent condition and is rust free!!! it has a few tiny age related marks which are to be expected seeing its 24 years old it is but very very little dents or scratches are present.

it is absolutely mint inside with very little sag. as far as i remember it has original subaru mats as well! i will double check!
Just had £500 spent on radiator water heater and heater matrix pipes 
it is restricted to 115mph 

He is currently the 4th owner 
There are some extras he is going to include with the car such as the drivers side lights.
Offers around £2900 from genuine interests and please NO TIME WASTERS or TEST PILOTS!!!

it is a classic and will only go up in value!!!

any questions please ask.

this is his number


If you want you can inbox me as well!





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