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Wrc. Kris meeke.


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Hi guys. New to the forum and just wanted to hear other people's opinion on something that niggles me very regularly. 

Is Kris meeke ever going to win a championship? Personally I think he's the most exciting rally driver to watch, but also the most painful to watch. Remind you of anyone? Colin Mcrae maybe? Similar aggressive drivers with extremely bad luck at times. But the skills which makes them incredible drivers and amazing showmen. 

In my opinion he will go down in history more than the likes of captain boring, Sebastian ogier. But he just needs to win that one championship. And I'm not sure if it will be with Citroën. 

It's a shame that the highlight of this year happens to be Kris cocking up in spectacular fashion. But Hellfire, it was something that will never happen again probably. Getting lost in a parking lot and running over some chaps bbq then going on to win. And there's plenty of car failures and spectacular crashes on top. 

So guys. Opinions please. Will Kris meeke ever win the wrc? 

And for the people who didn't see what happened. 


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He has got the pace for sure just make a few too many mistakes. If he did not have the speed they would dropped him already. Yes, he also needs some luck which the Sebs always seem to find. That is there edge I guess.

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