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4wd not working I think help


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Hi guys just want to find out if any one now the problem or can fix it.

2003 wrx blobeye tyres are all very good 

when iam driving and turn the car left and right the back wants to slide out I've done a 180 spin around a roundabout which is not good that's only 35-40mph 😡 Need help if anyone nows the problem plz plz help ..........

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Hi and welcome to the club, it could be the rear strut tops worn and giving some lateral movement and causing the back end to come round, have you tried jacking up the rear and checking for play back and forth and up and down 

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Hi n welcome .


Is the suspension stock or has it been lowered/upgraded ?


By "good tyres" do you mean just the amount of tread or that they're quality sticky ones ?


Tyre pressures correct ?


Otherwise Maybe take it for a 4 wheel alignment check

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Front anti roll bar loose making the rear stiffer than the front?

As above with the brakes sticking.

Also driving habits, if you are accelerating while turning one direction then decelerate as you are changing direction, could cause the back to come out.

If you are using tyre pressures from the door/fuel cap/manual make sure the tyre sizes match



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Wotcha and welcome - as above anything that unloads teh front grip while cornering can unsettle the car and have the back end come around but the x4 wheel alignment may shed some light - do you trail brake?

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