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new guy here

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Hello, names Mike, i lived in Canada most of my life but recently moved to Israel. I'm looking to buy a Subaru here, and found a particularly interesting one and wanted to get some opinions from the good folks here in the UK forums. Its a 2002 WRX STI, silver in colour, had 4 previous owners, covered 122k km's. Has ECUTEC tune to it, and some sort of exhaust system that i don't really care that much about since i would probably end up putting a COBB Tuning system on anyway. In short just wanted to hear some opinions on this car? it has the EJ20 in it. do they have any known issues that i should look out for? thanks folks! 

i've owned a white WRX wagon while living in Canada but always secretly craved an STI. pics for clicks (the silver STI is the car i'm looking to get) 





my sti 2.PNG


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I'm not sure there's any thing stand out to look for that you prob don't know having owned the wagon.  Obviously it's more capable in power terms and the bonus of a 6 speed box :biggrin:.  Id assume its got full service history which would be the main thing. 

I do like the wagon :wub:

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Wotcha and welcome - as above an ECUTEK with a map specifically for the car is better than a cobb generic option. Another member in your location has concerns about the transmission oil over heating in your climate but he has an auto box so you could be more sympathetic - if you are going to tow though I would consider a trans oil cooler

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