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Hi guys, have you been annoyed by PHOTOBUCKET P500 error?

You can download THIS extension for google chrome, and it will remove the error.

REMEMBER to go into extension settings and allow in incognito mode because YOU NEVER KNOW what car you might need to fap over :D:D:D:D:D




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It depends if tapatalk cached the images, if they are providing information over https then they would need to cache the images to stop security errors

Tapatalk is something i am weary of. Data harvesting clubs imo. Thats why i pulled our own app off.. we only have the free one available now.

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16 hours ago, Shifty said:

I tried the firefox extension and it don't seem to work

I tested firefox on latest firefox portable version for windows (didn't want install it and android version and both work 100% fine on loading photobucket images.

Anyone with any sense will be migrating away from likes of photobucket .

with low price of hosting these days it easy enough pay as little as 20-£30 a year for hosting and domain and have you own basic site for image linking storage and email etc .


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