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Ice on inside of windscreen!


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It sounds like theres moisture getting into you're car from somewhere and as the car is cooling down the condensation is collecting on the windows then freezing over, i would check all door seals and boot seal to see if anything getting through or it could be the pollen filter thats damp so when you have the heating on it'l draw the dampness through and into the cabin 😉

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We’ve had 3 XVs and they all have suffered with condensation on the inside of the windscreen. Must be a design fault somewhere.

mine is a 2013 and isn’t as bad as my wife’s 2017. But her last car also suffered to a certain extent.

you could olive a mini moisture trap, risk is that they draw moisture in

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Mine comes and goes, i think its less a fault with the car but more the UK weather, and us as owners.

Taking a broad brush to Subaru drivers and probably Most XV owners. I'd hazard a guess that we typically live outside of the city and possibly own a dog, or at least participate in one or two activities that often cause you to get back in the car wet/damp. 

With the weather being so crap and cold at the moment, any time you get in the car with wet boots/dog/equipment, then crank up the heat and keep the windows shut then the moisture levels in the air are going to rise. Then as Stuartie said condensation forming on the windscreen as it cools, then freezing over night.

I certainly notice that midweek when all i'm doing is commuting to work I very rarely get any on the inside, but after a weekend of dog walks and outdoor pursuits its more likely.

Short of making sure your dry before getting in the car or getting a moisture trap I don't know what else can be done.

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44 minutes ago, Dr. Acula said:

It's just the weather.  Run ur a/c and all is going to be just fine.

True, but there’s something about the XV TFA makes it more prone, we never had this with our Hondas. I don’t find it a major issue though, I just use a moisture trap, generally works fine

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2 hours ago, CraigXV said:

So i bought one of those de-humidifiers from halfrauds and it works a treat.

Snow on the windscreen this morning, absolutely clear inside.

Very impressed.

Yeah, I don’t know why they do it but they just do, any dehumidifier seems to do the trick, even a bowl of salt would do, but those are obviously easier. 

Glad it worked ok 👍 

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Although it wasn't a Subaru with which I had this problem-in fact it was a Honda Jazz-I replaced the pollen filter and this seemed to solve the problem! The pollen filter I removed was a Honda original one and the muck that are out with it was terrible! I think the filter was the original one from the car's manufacture! Some of the insects I found inside it would have been of interest to the Natural History Museum and I removed even more detritus by hoovering out the housing. Once I put everything back together the moisture problem was almost completely solved. 

Another point worth looking at is the gap in front of the bulkhead, where the wiper motor and heater air intake are located. If this area becomes full of leaves etc. (a problem that occurs particularly during autumn) it can cause the heater to draw in air that's more moist than would otherwise be the case. I cleaned out that area on a Citroën I owned until recently and the heater worked much better and the screen cleared more quickly.    

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