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New Cornwall Owner, 2002 Bug to Blob conversion


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Just an introduction as I'll probably be posting for advice on all of the bits of my car that break over the next few months! 

Picked up a 2002 WRX with a front end conversion to Blob, and various improvements including a TD04 hybrid, pink injectors and an STI intercooler. I'm sure there is more that has been done, but slowly learning which bits are which and I have had some expensive bills already....

Anyway, the plan is to restore the car somewhat to decent condition, it's in for undersealing this week and needs a few paint touch ups here and there as well as a wheel alignment issue where I don't seem to have enough adjustment on the rears to get the wheels straight! If I see anyone about I'll give them a wave! 👋

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Hi n welcome to s.o.c .

Had a mate that made his bug into a hawk , you wouldn't have known unless you'd been told due to the private plate .

As for rear adjustments, the stock set up only has adjustable camber bolts on the front . So most buy elbaich camber bolts to give the rear some adjustment during a alignment after lowering a scoob 😉

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