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2002 WRX Dimmer Questions

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Hey all, first question post!!

I have a 2002 WRX, and am wondering what the dimmer does on the stalk. 

I thought it dimmed all the gauges and the HVAC, but I have replaced a bulb, and since that the dimmer only seems to do the clock, the odometer and the ambient temperature. Is this right or should it do the speedo/tach etc as well? 

Second question, if it is supposed to do that what should I be looking for to fix? I was considering LED replacements but don’t like the fact it won’t dim as I do a lot of night driving. 

Thanks in advance!! 

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Hi mate had a 2002 wrx myslef as my first scoob lovely motors. Im sure its only there to dim clock/odometer ect as you stated, basically all non essential info. Not sure if the bugeye does but my blob dims the Stereo if i hold its power button in aswell. If in doubt however = owners manual.

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Thanks Ross, I checked the manual but it just says instrument panel, the issue is mine doesn’t do all instruments, just the bits I said (including clock). I’m sure it did the whole lot before I blew the clock fuse (now replaced) being stupid. 

I’ll have to find a bug close by and check.

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Ah cool, thanks Ross, mind put at ease. It’s one of those odd things that I was sure it dimmed more before I blew the fuse, but just the mind playing tricks. 

Have a good weekend, I’ll continue to tinker with some other bits...

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