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jacking up engine to get to spark plugs


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I have seen some people suggest undoing the engine mounts and jacking each side of the engine to get better access to the spark plugs.

My only concern is that people jack it up on the oil pan. Is this ok? Going to tackle mine soon so any advice welcome.

I have read on lots of forums and videos about how to do it, does not look too bad as long as the plugs are not seized. Car is a 2007 WRX.

Also do you use copper ease (anti seize) on the plug threads? I have seen conflicting advice on this one.

Cheers in advance.

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Hi mate not sure if the 2.5 engine is more difficult but you should be able to get to your plugs by removing the airbox on drivers side and the washer bottle on the passenger side and its fairly easy done. I don't personally grease the threads i just be careful not to over tighten them. Hope that helps its just how i do it on my 04 wrx. 

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It is fiddily to do the spark plugs on a 4 cylinder scoob but I've only ever heard of people jacking the engine on h6 (6 cylinder) engines . To lift it off the mounts and slide the engine to the side in order to get more clearance. 

I wouldn't Jack the engine up by the sump , just in case it dents and affects the oil pick up or breaks the sump seal .

I have read a few people that remove the plugs from underneath but personally I always do them from the top . By removing the air box and washer bottle. 

I use a 1/2" drive spark plug socket taped to a 1/2" to 3/8 " adapter with a ratchet spanner . As this gives you enough clearance to withdraw the plug when removing and stops you leaving the socket stuck on the plug when refitting 😉


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