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Thinking of buying a WRX


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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of purchasing a WRX, is there anything i should be aware of when buying second hand, i'm looking anywhere between 2003-07 area.
I have in the past owned a toyota GT86 (best feeling car so far) and currently have a 350z, i wondered how this car compares? I feel like i want to try both turbo and AWD while still staying with a jap car so this seemed like the best option. i would also like to ask how easy or hard and the cost associated with getting the car to around 360bhp or maybe more as i do intend on modifying the car in the near future if i purchase one.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome, i would go for the sti between 03 and 05 the blobeye mate,the sti has a stronger engine and 6spd box and dccd i think and better suspension , 06 onwards have the 2.5 engine which are more prone to ringland failure so you would have to have a oh s**t fund on the go for a rebuild however if it has been forged then its a very good engine, they pretty easy to tune and modify and quite a few places for mapping just depends on how deep your pockets are how far you want to go also dead easy to get parts for, alot of us use importcarparts and they are very reasonable for oem parts 👍👍

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Good luck. I would (should have) pay the extra for an STI. 6 speed gearbox is indestructible compared to the WRX 5 speed. 6 speed will take 360 hp all day long. As Stuartie and Rosscosm say the 2 liter is stronger from factory. Converting a WRX into an STI will cost you a lot more than just buying the STI.

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