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I guess they must still be testing these before rolling them out across the country. Another tax for the motorist. What ever happened to catching criminals.

We have had a spate of cars broken into in my area including mine. I reported it and you can see from other reports that it is obvious it is the same gang. Have I seen a cooper in my area no. Have I seen police extracting money from motorists in the industrial park where I work, almost everyday. Interesting that they only fine (Tax) people who actually work and already pay their fair share. They also have the cheek to base it on safety, well I have worked on this industrial park for 10 years and I have only seen 2 accidents which by the looks of it where drivers being stupid. 

Another example, I had an old Astra nicked, they caught the gits in it. I got a letter from the judge saying I was not entitled to any compensation. Uh, how do you work that out, I had to fix the ignition and use my time to collect the car as it was impounded for finger prints etc. What the Fook, you caught the guys so make them pay me or let me throw rotten vegetables at them like the good old days.

Rant over

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The police are no more than a corporation trying to make profit these days. The UK is a police state and is only getting worse unfortunately. It will be a social credit system like China before long but people will think it’s cool cause you will have a score to boast about sort of like credit rating apps 

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