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Possible repair costs


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Morning good people I routinely get my 06 hawkeye sti type uk serviced at my local subaru dealer last service the noticed oil near my turbo  it could be nothing but they said could be bottom end gone or turbo gone worse case scenario iys going back for full inspection Diagnosis next week if is bad nears there quoted 2.5k for new turbo or new short block engine rebuild 5k does these prices sound  OK thanks for reading

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Not sure how oil near the turbo indicates bottom end issue? I would be looking at oil breather, turbo seal, turbo oil supply hose, turbo oil return......


The new turbo cost sounds like they are sourcing a unit from Subaru. It can be a pain to replace dependent on how seized the nuts and bolts are. I sourced a refurb unit (with upgraded core) from fastline in Northampton for about £650 so then it is just labour and gaskets.

For a short block rebuild I would have said more like 3k but that relates to what you find once the engine is in bits and the type of items / quality / spec used in the reassembly - any engineering work done to bores, head skim etc (Subarus can go oval over time)

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tbh i wouldnt trust a dealer to do anything, even an oil change. experiances i;ve had with them have been pretty bad, to point of having to get work done a second time to put right what they !Removed! up. Bear in mind its only a limited numbers i;ve had dealings with ad some will prob be better than others.

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