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For Sale 06 Impreza hawkeye wagon SL 48W 350bhp/360ft.lb as it is simply not getting used enough. Well over £10k in top spec upgrades (stopped adding it up!!)


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Didn't want to put my car on general media for all sundry to goggle, thought it best to go to a fellow enthusiast. I'm looking to sell my Hawkeye 06 Wagon SL 48W as it is simply not getting used enough. I have 6 other cars and my wife has put her foot down so I am selling a few of my collection. I'm an older enthusiast, this being my fourth impreza over the past 20 odd yrs and I expect it wont be the last!! I sell one, then get the itch after 2 years and have to buy another.  I have added pics and specs for you to peruse - It wants for nothing - body work is pretty damn good save the odd carpark dimple and is mechanically excellent.  Not sure on what price to put on it to be totally honest - tried to find another similar spec but failed so please give me some sensible ideas/offers....If you are interested in the car please drop me a line.










photo 1.JPG


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Thanks for your msg very kind of you to say so. - I'm a bit biased but it is a cracker it goes very well too, and it looks fairly stock from outside, but's given a few boy racers a shock.... If you are genuinely interested, make me a sensible offer see if we can do a deal. I'm not asking the earth for it, I want a fair price and a happy buyer who will look after it, as I reckon it will be a future classic as it was made in limited numbers SL wagon in 48W with prices going one way.... Only reason I'm selling it my collection is getting too large and I don't have the chance to use them frequently enough. contact me if you want on 07792380425. Regards Steve


Ps fair few of the original parts took off can go with it  

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HI all,

Quick Update had a couple of private enquires regarding asking price. I'm looking for as near to £8k as possible due to the quality of the modifications that have been fastidiously completed, service history, general condition and mileage. If you want STi Prodive performance wagon which was never produced - here's your opportunity to purchase a rare vehicle - you will not be disappointed in this car.



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