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Dream 10 Car Garage (Picture Heavy)


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A staple of any car forum Shirley?


Mine changes quite often and some slip my mind but as it stands at the moment. In no particular order.


Ascari A10

The sound, the style, the rawness and the fact you get access to a track. Love it! Been a fave ever since I saw it on Top Gear.




Honda NSX

Meant to be one of the best handling cars of all time. The styling holds up really well today IMO too. Plus after owning 1 Type R and driving a few more, gotta say I love a bit of vtec.




Pagani Zonda

One of the only modern super/hypercars that doesn't let electronics interfere. Plus, just look at them. The attention to detail is second to none. One of my fave interiors of any car too. Only beaten by the Huayra IMO.




'67 Shelby Mustang GT500

Yes, Eleanor. Might be a bit of a cliché choice nowadays but I don't care. Absolutely love it.




McLaren F1

Does anything really need to be said about this one? I hope the P1 will enter this list when its out but itll never match this. Its a different approach and have to say I prefer the old ways.




Nissan Skyline GT-R34

Yep, im a child of the GT generation and this car definitely left its impact on me. Jap Muscle at its best. I prefer the angular look to the R35 and I may one day own a R33 if its prices don't rise too much in the future but this is the model ill always love most.




Lamborghini Aventador

Its mental!! & just look at it!!! Have to admit im a massive Lambo fan and this is probably my favourite.




Jaguar F-Type

Has to be the V8 one. People may say the V6S is the best but give me that extra power and that noise over it anyday. Plus I love a good V8. One of the best looking cars on sale today too I think.




Mercedes SLS AMG Black Edition

Cant beat a AMG engine. And I love the more mental Black range. Not exactly ugly either is it? Pinnacle of the range IMO.




Subaru Impreza STi

Haha, yep really. Honestly dreamed of owning one of these for as long as I can remember. Just been lucky that I can now actually afford one. As for which version - that changes all the time. One day its a classic 22b. The next day its the Blobeye like I own now - although given choice and money id have a late DCCD Widetrack one with the revised interior. But yea, I can still say I own one of my dream cars :D If im really pushed I suppose another more "exclusive" car would take this place but still...





Some noteable exceptions - Aston Martin. One of my favourite car brands but just cant decide on a model that really stands out.

Porsche - Apart from the last gen GT3 they do nothing for me at all, find them a bit bland :unsure: The GT3 is pretty special though, but just doesn't quite make it in.

Ferrari - I don't know why but its not a car brand im really mad about. I like their cars - the F12, 458, F40 etc. are all great cars but I dunno. They just don't excite my soul like others.


Anyway, what are your choices?


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Oh hell I'm going to look sad here :D 


Lamborghini Aventador






Harkeye £500,000.00 WRC Car for fun 






Hatchback STI



2014 STI Imported I guess :( 


porsche panamera for the family 



Lexus LFA



458 italia 



Zonda Huayra



Not including the DB9 and the long list of other toy's I would want :D 

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Good thinking on the LFA! I like the idea of adding a proper rally spec car in there too.

Have you heard they're now thinking of bringing the 2014 STi to us if there's enough interest? Although the spy shots of the actual model are out there now and it doesn't look anywhere near as good as that concept.

They're only "re-examining" it but better than nothing - http://www.pistonheads.com/roadtests/doc.asp?c=26&i=28442

Spy shots of actual model - http://www.pistonheads.com/doc.asp?c=178&i=27560

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I have an added it on here ;) nothing get's past me :D

But had another car said now in another post the new GTR but what could I remove for it :D

And I also like the Mclaren mp4-12c  It's like asking what my best movie ever made is ;) 

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OK, here goes.  P.S., I reserve the right to change my mind between now and collecting my cheque.
I learned to drive in one of these, aged 14! This will always be in my list.

Range Rover V8 Supercharged
The latest version of the icon. Note, not the Sport model!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
The last of the real Astons!

Aston Martin Vanquish
Has to be a modern Aston in there too

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
And a modern Ferrari, and this has to be the best in a long time

Lancia Delta Integrale Evo2
If you have to ask, you have no sole!

Jaguar XFR-S
The best fast car for every day? Maybe replace this with a BMW M5.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
The best looking car ever! Maybe replace with a better Alfa?

McLaren MP4-12
The best quick car about at the moment? Maybe replace with a Audi R8 V10? Not sure on this one!

Subaru Legacy S402
I would be happy to keep my GT-B, but this has to be the best Legacy of all time

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Heres mine, with all the classics they would have upgraded Brakes, Suspension, EFI ect.

DB5 nuff Said



E Type say no More!


RS500 Whale tail.


Mk1 Mexico


69 Dodge Charger, may even jhave the general lee paint work,......... maybe not


F40 Its a Go Kart with big wheels!!


57 Chevy Bel Air, preff done by Barrys Speed Shop. (US Wrecks to Riches show on Discovery)


22B Ultimate Scoob for Me!


23 Window Samba VW Bus.


MkII Jag


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Very true ;)

Think might remove Stalkers right's to post... An Evo ? :D

Evo and Sti: They are born from same mother, from rally. Jdm brotherhood :rolleyes: i will take Sti for fun, but evo for ordinary job, ex: daily shopping  :D

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I would say it's the other way round... I ran an Evo6 TME for a few months at the end of last year and I hated it. It was a one-trick pony and while it was great on a twisty A-road it was usless at everything else. Epic turbo lag, harsh ride and a tiny fuel take. Give me an STi any day as you can use it every day, not just for fun.

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Got to say that's how I've always heard it to be too. Never had a Evo so can't say from experience but from what I've read/heard the Evo is at home on a track and a bit frustrating everywhere else whereas the STi can do the track - not quite as well - but can also do everything else well too. Plus the Evo costs a **** load more to run for no real public road gain.

I have to admit to being a Evo fan too though. :) Obviously I'm more than happy to get involved with the war for a laugh but I do like Evo 5, 6, 8 & 9's. 9 is prob my fave followed by the 5 TM Edition.

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Same for me had an Evo 4 for a few month's before I bought the Scoob, nice car but I didn't like it as much as the Subaru and I try to say that in a non bias view. I also know someone who's selling his Evo 8 for the same reason had it about 9 months. 

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well one car that will never change as long as i'm alive is the McLaren F1, always wanted one and always will, best car of all time for me, a supercar i can take both kids to school in lol


the obvious subie fans choice the 22B


an R34 GTR in bayside blue, but not just any R34 the sumo power R34, a little quick spec is


688bhp at the wheels power ( 900bhp engine ) – DynoDynamics at G Force

Over 600 lbs torque

2.5 seconds 0-100kmph

5.5 seconds 0-160kmph

9.68 seconds ¼ mile on street legal tyres

215mph indicated speed on the road ( she was geared for 229mph )

2003-2004 4WD Quickest car in Europe

First GTR to officially break into the 9’s

Back to back 9 second runs under competition

2nd Place and quickest Japanese car at GT Battle circuit event 2005



Norris designs 3dr evo


Power: 950bhp &
700lb-ft  with 9250rpm
rev limit

Weight 1180Kg (Dry) 

Top speed:
215mph + (201.43mph so far )

Best 0-60mph = 2.4

Best 0-100mph = 4.3

Best 0-150mph =
8.00 sec

¼ mile in 9.26 sec
@160.09mph on 17" Nitto 555R tyres.

Best 30-130mph =
5.06 sec

(All times recorded
at Santa Pod drag strip


a Lumma CLR R Range Rover for long distance driving


a Humvee for off roading


a Lamborghini Reventon


the Pagani Zonda


an Aston one77


and as an every day car


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For days out with chums




Ultimate offroader




Complete versatility




Always preferred Barnies roadster




Use to avoid paying parking tickets




Weekend track tool




Pure cruising




Trips to Santa Pod




Hitting the dunes - Baja sty-lee




The ultimate all round sports car - James Bond wants one of these



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Ok so here is something a little more serious ;)


They have already been mentioned so wont post more pictures but I would have the Maclaren F1 and a 22B both IMO iconic the F1 being a complete game changer for supercar thinking and the 22B a classic 2 door on steroids - nice :P


So here are my top 10 not including those two


What is better than a flat 4 - well x3 flat 4's - 1971/2 Ferrari 312B2 horizontal 12 - the sound is just awesome, I have got a plan for a replica based on a Testarrossa :ph34r: ..... 

...... the car is number 3 in this ad, always gives me goose bumps :blink:





Early GTR 1972 I believe - this would be a resto mod, original on the surface but blueprinted engine and modern running gear




An Eagle roadster - modern day E-Type, all of the style and performance plus working brakes, roadholding and steering. just beautiful  :wub:




Bonkers rally car - Lancia Stratos, like a Metro 6r4 but way more style




I have a soft spot for nissans particularly Skylines this is the one I have always wanted and I am surprised that a Subaru even turned my head but it did the naughty minx




Think these are great - A brat - again it would be subject to a serious build with impreza engine and running gear conversion




Aston Martin DBS - V12, awesome styling -- nuff said




Ariel Atom V8 - V8 howl and an assault on the senses, trackday mayhem to ensue, new tyres please




Nascar / Euro Car - I drove one of these bad boys in the states -  :D  GOOD points similar to the V8 Atom its a complete assault on the senses, no traction control or servo brakes huge wall of awesome noise masses of torque, :angry: BAD points there was a yank in front controlling the speed you went and clearly thought Miss Daisy was behind him (overtaking was an immediate black flag!!) - Got to get one of my own to tear it up properly




De Tomaso Pantera - purely for the look - this is how I used to draw cars when I was a kid, I hope when / if I ever drive one it wont be a huge dissappointment



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Deff agree that the classics are far better with a resto mod rather than a purist concourse car. Thankfully there are companies that do both the DB5/6 and the Etype they were featured on top hear a while ago.

You can see the clip here


Does require a lottery win to buy them though. Still ultimate dream cars.

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