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New STI??

Scooby Pete

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By the look's of it we still have some hope 


These leaked images reportedly show the new Subaru WRX STI, which will make its global debut at the Detroit motor show next week.

The model is scheduled to go on sale in North America and key global markets for Subaru in 2015. It will become Subaru's flagship performance car for the US, and is based on the new WRX saloon which was revealed at the LA motor show in November last year.

Subaru UK is yet to commit to taking the new WRX in either standard or STI flavour. However, Autocar understands that Subaru's UK importer will bring the STI version only to the UK if it can be sold here for less than £30,000. It is currently in talks with Subaru headuqarters in Japan about making this happen. 

Subaru has declared the standard WRX as the "the best-handling WRX ever". It is powered by a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged boxer engine, the same unit used in the new Subaru Forester, which produces 264bhp.

It is unknown what performance changes Subaru will make to this engine for the STI version, but at least 300bhp is expected for the all-wheel-drive saloon. 

A new, more aggressive bodywork package is expected for the STI, alongside sports suspension and braking systems. 



Still, Subarus have never been about outright beauty, so it’s what lies beneath that is most important. Gone is the old 2.5-litre flat-four turbo engine, replaced by a 2-litre unit with the same configuration. It possesses 264bhp and 258lb ft of torque, and drives all four wheels through a standard six-speed manual gearbox or an optional CVT Lineartronic transmission. The latter may appeal in auto-friendly markets such as the US, but surely most drivers committed enough to buy a WRX will also be unwavering stick-shift fans. Expect a 0-60 time of around 5.0sec and a top speed north of 150mph.


Figures seem too low for me i'd be thinking the 0-60 would be a lot lower and the BHP be higher myself but I guess it's still all speculation at the min.

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Looks just like an EVO X crashed into last years model.


Styling has suffered as its gone more mainstream and less away from Rallying, less aggressive lines, more bubbly here, less giant spoiler there, however I think since Fords Rs and the other makes have started bringing aggressive back Subaru should hopefully give us something decent, however I hate to say it , I dislike that the new model, but then again I liked the Bugeye and that was hated haha.


As for the the 0-60 times, are they joking ? 5 secs what is it made out of gold ?, I wouldn't expect many to be coming to the UK if im honest, as Subaru said they were pulling out most markets in the UK due to poor sales. £30k is too much as well when you have better cars in that price range. I'd rather it have a lot less toys and be say £20k then it would be worth buying.

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I think I have found where the Subaru concept car went... didnt even bother to change the paint job :rolleyes:
















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It's been confirmed Pastrana will drive for Suabru along with David Higgins

(January 14, 2014) Subaru of America announced today defending five-time Rally America Champion David Higgins will have a new teammate for the 2014 Rally America Championship, former Subaru Rally Team USA driver Travis Pastrana.

“Subaru is very excited to bring back both of our former rally champions. Between David and Travis, Subaru Rally Team USA has won the Rally America Championship seven times in the last eight years. Having them together this season will give us our best chance at defending our title” stated Rob Weir, Motorsports Marketing Manager.


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Yep, looks like a Evo X :( Oh well, least it's a lot better than the WRX. And I'll never be able to afford it so I'll stick with the older, better looking models thanks haha.

Coming to the UK now too and keeping the 2.5l engine by sounds of it. They better have sorted its problems by now or they'll never get out of that hole they dug themselves.


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So much for the £25,000 price tag but the stats coming in better 


It seems like only yesterday when the last WRX STI was sold in the UK amid an outcry of sentiment on the sad loss of this iconic model. We can now confirm the new WRX STI will be in showrooms before the summer. There is more good news as we have been able to price the new WRX STI at just £28,995 despite it being an all new model with significant improvements in driveability, safety and packaging. The new model boasts an exciting new exterior design combined with a more spacious and higher grade interior. Subaru's fabled All-Wheel Drive chassis has been honed further to ensure the new car is the pinnacle of AWD sports performance.



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i think this is bit controversial you either love it or hate it-like Marmite :) it looks sporty but only thing i like is rear. i think it looks mean with 2 double tail pipes and difuser but front looks like focus to me and from side it reminds me bmw 3 series. I also read that it will have 2.5ltr turbo charged engine producing 305hp?

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