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Hi - considering my first scooby... Help?


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Hi guys, thought i would join the site for abit of advice from you veterans who own scoobys.

to start ill tell you abit about me so any advice will help out, im 24 clean license had it for a year and abit 1 years no claims im not out to race around and kill myself or hurt other road users just want a nice motor. Id be looking at a budget of £5,000 would prefer to spend a bit less but want a looked after car that isn't going to break down and cost me thousands in repairs, i would be using it to commute to work 70 mile round trip, Any guidance for a decent insurer that would be a bit cheaper than your regular gocompare. What sort of mpg would you get with the wrx and sti is there a huge difference or would they be pretty much the same? I would only want a turbo and not bothered for a replica so advice on which would be a good starting point would be good too.


Cheers in advance, Mat.

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Some quick light reading here

MPG if you are to worried by this maybe not a good start to owning one but you can get a fair return if you keep off the happy :D pedal. I call it SPM (Smiles Per Miles :D ) with what you have said I would say the WRX would be ideal for you but the STI is the better car of the two I say that without wanting to take anything away from the WRX it's just as fun to drive, and is still a quick car. For insurance I would try our insurance and get discount as a club member  HEREI found green light insurance was very good insurance quote too.

I would have a look in the Subaru's for sales section some really nice car's get posted in there but for £5,000 you should be able to get a pretty nice car for that money either a classic or a newage :)

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This one my local club boards. Might be worth considering.

If interested pm for telephone no.

For sale, my 2003 WRX STI


Full Afterburner Vortex System

Roger Clark Induction Kit

Recapped by JGM to 300bhp

Very quick, clean example. Well looked after. Comes with Kenwood DVD navigation head unit. Very quick. Data sheet for remap and receipts included.

Oil changed last month by Subaru dealer.

85000 miles. Based in Cobham. £5000.




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