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Could anyone identify a switch for me please.

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2005 Forester 2.5 XT




I would like some information regarding the functions controlled by a certain switch please.




Looking from the drivers foot well area the switch is on the tunnel console side trim roughly at knee level.




It is a circular black switch with a white dot on it ( see attached photo )and looks like a simple On / Off switch but what is it for?. :unsure:





Thank You







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not seen one of those - does your passenger fly out of the roof when pressed??


My youngster has been dying to press it but I won't let him because knowing my luck it will cause my pride and joy to become FUBAR.



It seems to be a weird place to put a switch, especially if it has an important function.



If it is a passenger ejector seat then I will take the wife for a spin through a steep sided mountain pass next weekend. :lol:

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Press it, press it !

It's a new one on me, do you have anything aftermarket in the glovebox ? Or any interior lights that have been added ? Is it a rocker type swiitch or a push on push off type ?

Do you have the 12v aux socket in the boot ? Maybe its to make that perm live or for some incar entertainment

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Thats not very exciting :-( much better if it did something like eject people or shoot flames.

Odd if it is an alarm switch for it to be a rocker and not a spring loaded switch.

Looks like your gonna have to press it and see :-)

I'd still go with some after market power adapter. Have you tried to chase the connection back ?

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Finally discovered what the mystery switch is for.




Found it by chance really.



I was experimenting to see whether anything extra worked with the switch turned on but with no luck until my son just happened to walk past the front of the vehicle which caused an alarm to sound.



Turns out that it is an isolator switch for the front Parking Sensors. :huh:



I really liked the idea of it being an Ejector seat for the wife and kids, just open the sunroof and let them fly. :D




Thanks for your help everyone.

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Yep wouldn't have guessed that sad though I had nice visions of it being the ejector seat :( I'm still willing to bet money on the inventor of the ejector seat was married.

I'd still get a stick made like this and put it under it ;) 


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