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Hi Gang


I've just imported an Impreza wagon.  And I want to convert the speedo from KMH to MPH.  Does anyone know how it's done?  All the other forums talk about delimiting the engine, the ecu, the final drive on the gearbox and the clusters but noone really knows how.


Any clues?





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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Only people I have know thats done it used what you said about the Delimiter chip and used the white dial covers. 

Like these for example 





other than that I'm not sure I've never done it myself. One of the other members might have done it before and be able to advise better :)

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Good stuff and not a problem mate happy to help when and where we can :) 

Have to let me know always room to be educated a bit more :) And the other people I know it just changed it to MPH but still read the same mileage. 

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I'd guess he just sells them then. Now I came across this might help a bit but is yank and I'm sure getting one off fleebay would be cheaper but might help 


Version 7 and 8 (MY 02-07)

Signal In: Yellow -> Green (gearbox sensor side)
Signal Out: Grey -> Green (loom side)
12v+: Red -> White
Ground: Black -> Brown



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All the JDM cars that I have seen have a little box wired in behind the gauge cluster. From memory, it's only two wires, one+ and one -.

I have no idea how it works but it makes your speedo work in mph and not kph and it de limits the speed. In Japan they are limited to whatever 112mph works out to be in kph .

The units about £15 last time I looked. Although I've just done a very quick eBay search and can't find any.

My current car dosnt have one and still shows in kph. It's never been a bother at mot time.

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