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Turbo timer

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They're not actually necessary in a Subaru because they are air cooled, best just to run off boost for the last mile or so home. Having said that I think they are pretty cool and have one installed on my, cheap and real easy to install. Great to warm car up on cold morning with the doors locked and no key in. HKS get the best reviews with all the different functions it has. Still run off boost before getting to destination to let turbo cool.

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Yeah easy as can be assuming you have a harness like this one:




assuming it has the same ignition set up as my classic, was just a plug below the steering column which you take out, plug into the Harness and plug the harness into the turbo timer., I then tapped into the handbrake cable near the handbrake itself and ran the cable under the carpet and have the box under the steering column and the display to the right of the steering wheel. Took about 45 minutes to install including taking everything apart and putting back together.

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You do have to tap it into the handbrake, the turbo timer won't come on if the handbrake isn't on. Or in theory you could put a piece of metal on top of the handbrake contact and trick it into thinking the handbrake is on all the time but the dash light is on, or you could find out what signal the hanbrake gives off and replicate it somehow. Although I would keep the handbrake on if not in car and the engine is on. 

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There are a few ways to do it, the cheap and easy way to do it is to strip a section of the insulation off the handbrake cable, remove some insulation from the end of the handbrake cable from the turbo timer. Wrap the end of the cable from the timer around the exposed handbrake cable and then used electrical tape to cover. Or you can solder the wires together at some point, essentially there needs to be a physical connection between the handbrake wire from the turbo timer and the actual handbrake wire. It is simple, I did it without any specialist tools or equipment just a Stanley knife, if your not confident you buy something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Posi-Tap-6pc-assortment-pack-wire-connector-607-6-10-22awg-/380871386000?pt=Car_Audio_Video&hash=item58adb42390 but first I would watch this video on how to tap wires https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtvi7bGenC4 essentially how I did it and works perfectly.

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I believe it is under the steering column but not sure and don't know the colour, if you take the centre console out and look below and on the drivers side of the handbrake you will see a wire and contact, you can trace that back, mine seemed to go somewhere under the carpet so I just tapped into it there and then hid the wire to the turbo timer under the carpet up the side of the transmission tunnel.

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