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Mini Front Garden Meet

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Well it was nice to finally meet Dan thanks for popping round mate. Will get on with trying to get a meet sorted for the end of next month one Sunday. But some pictures of today. And hopefully more bigger meet to come  :D



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Thats a must mate ;)  I like to have a challenge :D well you're welcome to pop round again mate if passing let me know smash some more Forza 5 in. Oh and the gimp masks I lent you no rush for them back I have plenty   :ph34r:

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Good looking line up there. Notice you have the crystal reflectors and indicators on the bug, definitely worth doing I'd say. Be nice to sit both our bugs together, they look nearly the same except for the roof scoop and your lights are black and mine are blue ;)

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You have to come to Japfest 2 ;) 

The roof scoop even though I don't mind them wouldn't have been my choice but was bought it as a gift and would have felt bad if I didn't fit it, but I had the full WRC decals on at the time so was not to bad. And the clear side repeaters was one of the 1st things I changed not a fan of orange :D 

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