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Standard exhaust for pre-facelift Forester 2.5XT (SG)??

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Hello all,


I am a newbie in North Yorkshire who has just bought a pre-facelift 2.5XT. The exhaust back box is holed and the upstream pipe is following closely behind, despite numerous searches including on this forum I'm struggling to find a new cat-back exhaust for it. There is a stainless system on eBay for £400 and I know it's generally recommended to go stainless however I would rather not spend that sort of money unless I absolutely have to!


So my question: is it possible to get a standard mild steel exhaust for it, if anyone knows somewhere in North Yorkshire it would be a huge help!



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Hello & welcome, maybe try some breaker's or powerflow have dealers all over the could make you the bits and are fairly cheap, some of the impreza parts fit so maybe look into getting hold of one of those ?

The back boxes are slightly different so you'd need to know somome with welding skills to re position the hangers

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Possibly found a breaker with an exhaust off a more modern 2.5xt that will fit. If not I've had a quote from Longlife Exhausts in Leeds - £300 for an SS304 cat-back. Ideally wouldn't want to spend that much so soon but if push comes to shove..

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