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Subaru Model

Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, new here 😎. Owner of Forester XT 2006 2.5L, Looking forward to be a part of the community 😁.
  2. Hello Everyone. Would anyone be able to offer some advise on the 2005 Forester XT? We're looking to buy and I'm just doing the usual research into reliability, common faults etc. It's a Petrol Manual with 109K on the clock. Are there any red flags I need to be aware of or any common faults I should check for? Given the mileage, is there anything I should consider doing regardless of its FSH? All help and advice much appreciated. Regards. JY
  3. Hello all, I purchased myself a 2006 Subaru Forester XT. It is absolutely beautiful. 111,000 miles on it (for £3200, I'm happy). 😁 Today whilst I was driving it back from town, I pulled off the roundabout, chucked it in 2nd and put my foot to the floor. It hit 3000revs and then I felt the turbo kick in hard, then it sort of briefly stopped giving me power, for like <0.5 a second. This was immediately followed by a sudden lunch of all the power at once and it quickly got up to redline and that was that. 😨 The trade seller had told me the throttle body was recently replaced and I am wondering whether this could be at fault? This is my first turbo car, so unsure where to begin diagnosing. The only last tidbit of info I can give is that if you rev it hard, there is a smell of petrol that gets into the cabin. Does anyone have some suggestions? 😟 thank you :)
  4. Hello! After a not too bad prang I am looking for a front bumper, passenger side wing, passenger side headlight assembly and the front left wheel arch inside cover thingy. So far I have found it very hard to source these parts and more often than not my years Xt (2002/52 plate) is not even an option on part finders etc. If anyone could pont me in any direction I would be very grateful!
  5. Selling my wife's Forester as she is not doing the mileage anymore. Ad can be seen on Gumtree: https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/subaru-forester-xt-25-auto-awd/1210851879 One of the last of this shape and engine with only 42K miles and two private owners. Asking £6750. Please ask any questions.
  6. Please, somebody help! My Baby Grumblewagon is shaking about like a toddlers head being force-fed cabbage... A genuine Subaru part is going to cost me £590!! So I'm looking for OEM but all the parts lists for places I've found only list the 2.0 S Turbo and the 2.5 XT. No mention of a 2.0 XT. The driveshafts for those models have a different number of teeth so I don't know which I need. My Google searches lead me to believe that the 2.0 XT has the same running gear as the 2.5 XT but I'm not certain. Can anyone confirm this or, even better, supply me with the correct Subaru part number or indeed a link to the correct OEM part...? Appreciate it
  7. Hi guys I recently had to replace my entire sunroof mech as some of the plastic guides in the runners had broken off and i couldnt see a way to repair them. This means ive got an entire spare unit with glass (cracked but water tight) and a working motor. Ive seen a few posts from people with damaged weather seals and motors so i thought id see if anyone wanted any of it before i chucked it. I'll keep the whole thing for a few days but ill put it out for the scrap men at the end of the week if i dont hear anything (i'll probably grab the motor off it first though) I'll probably let any of it go for free if you pick it up so let me know soon as. Jelly
  8. Hi, im new to the forum as im trying to get myself in my first Subaru. Im on the hunt for a 2003-2006 (i think) Pre facelift SG, although i would consider a facelift. Looking for under 100,000 miles ideally but ill take a look at anything. Im not sure what the rules are with posting Wanted threads in the for sale section so if there is a problem then can someone please let me know (and feel free to tell me off) Thanks alot Jelly
  9. Hi Everyone I was hoping some experienced subaru owners might lend me some of their knowledge Hopefully soon ill be getting my first subaru, a 2004 forester 2.5 XT. Im really looking forward to it but i was hoping for some advice on what to look out for and what to ask the current owner as the car is too far away for me to check it out and i dont want to waste a trip. The car has around 89,000 miles (which im sure really means 90,000) and will have a full mot when i buy it. Its just failed the mot with worn front droplinks, a leaking CV boot and a brake fluid leak which the owner is now getting fixed. Its had some work done to it including the cambelt, new aluminium radiator, BC Racing Adjustable coilover suspension & stainless steel exhaust. It also sounds like the car has been used for towing another car at least once. I was wondering what questions should i be asking, what should i expect when i go and see it and what should i be looking out for as red flags to turn the other way. I know im asking people to do alot of the work for me on this but i cant seem to find any buyers guides on the car or any consistent information of common problems. Im already aware of some of the more common little faults - window motors, sunroof problems, window wind noise etc but none of the main mechanical ones. Any help at all will be very much appreciated. Thanks Jelly
  10. Hi Everyone. I dont even have my forester yet but im already planning what i want to do with it. The one i am looking at has a boot like this - With the grey trim with subaru on it. I prefer the look when that part is colour matched and has the logo on it like - I was wondering if this part is easily removable for paint/vinyl/buying that part. Also somewhat related, are the sti style boot spoilers you can find on ebay for around £100 any good and are they difficult to fit? Thanks alot Jelly
  11. Hello all, I am a newbie in North Yorkshire who has just bought a pre-facelift 2.5XT. The exhaust back box is holed and the upstream pipe is following closely behind, despite numerous searches including on this forum I'm struggling to find a new cat-back exhaust for it. There is a stainless system on eBay for £400 and I know it's generally recommended to go stainless however I would rather not spend that sort of money unless I absolutely have to! So my question: is it possible to get a standard mild steel exhaust for it, if anyone knows somewhere in North Yorkshire it would be a huge help!
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