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wrx wheels on forester


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Sorry to jump on this, but would impreza wheels fit my n/a 03 forester. If so, what size....16's?

From what I remember the offset is different, but are they similar enough?

Would love the answer to be yes....good 2nd hand Foz alloys are like hens teeth, but seen plenty impreza alloys that are mmmm [emoji41]

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No problem every bit of advice helpful , I spoke to subaru dealer who said wrx wheels will fit my 54 plate 2ltr xt which I think offset 55 forester is 48 but as mine is standard height looks stupid with low profile tyres on so need to find the right size:)

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This has really caught my interest now, so I've looked into the relevant details:


Forester (03-08)

PCD 5x100

Centre bore 56.1

Offset 48

Mounting Nut/lug 12x1,25

Tyre sizes 205/70/15, 215/60/16, 215/55/17, 225/45/18, 235/35/19


Impreza (01-07)

only difference is Offset of 55


Impreza WRX STi (00-05)

only difference is Offset of 53


So the only question now is what does in mean in easy to understand terms to go from an offset of 48 to 53 or 55?

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Basically ET is the offset of the mounting face of the wheel to the centre line of the wheel

Standard Fozzy is 48mm , if used ET55 55mm then wheel sit inwards (closer to strut) an additional 7mm which is not the best thing.

Could fix this with spacers but then adding to cost.

Going 16" is the best all round compromise, Foresters as a rule look awful with low profiles plus road handling/ride on 17" 18" 19" is awful.

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55mm offset will rub on the rear struts on the sf, not sure on the sg foz but you need to use spacers for the older model,

Also don't know about the rubber is it necessary to have xl rwted tyres on the car or is that just for towing and off road use

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Spacers ideally as even if clear of SG strut I'm not a fon of reducing the vehicle track.

If you happen stumble on really nice used wheels at cheap money then worth doing but you may find buying a new set with suitable ET not much more expensive than used wheels & spacers.

Also think about the spare as if drift from standard radius your current spare won't be much use.

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Lol was typing when mrb replied,

David you should be able to get 16" with a 48mm offset fairly easily depends what look your going for

Thanks Adam....I'm guessing you're talking non-OEM as they are damn hard to find a decent set being sold

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Ah fair enough, yeah loqds of aftermarket stuff but like you say not cheap, you all on 15" then ?

Sent from my SM-T210


Yes, I'm on the standard 15's


Mine r standard 16's just fancy a change :)


What condition are your 'standard 16's' in?  ;)

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When I purchased my  Forester XT it was already fitted with larger after market alloys. I made sure that I informed my insurance company of this.




The wheels are 17 X 7 J with an Offset of 40 mm.  The tyres are 215/50/17 winter tyres ( front 2 are dunlop and rear 2 are Falken )and look to be fairly new ( still had the knobbly bits on ).




I am thinking of getting a set of 16" wheels with larger profile tyres in order to increase the ground clearance and cushion the ride. I would also like to increase the track width.



The current tyres have a diameter of @  647 mm


The 215 / 65/ 16 's have a diameter  @  686 mm so that should provide an extra 20 mm of ground clearance and smooth out the potholes and speed bumps.



What is the highest profile tyre that will fit a Forester XT with standard height suspension without rubbing?.



I will be changing the rear shocks for KYB's and Springcoil springs ( still waiting for the springs to be delivered at the moment ).



What are the pro's and cons of using suspension lift blocks?.



RE:- widening the track and staying legal..



Looking directly down from the top of the wheel arch I reckon that the tyre edge is set inside the arch top edge by between 10 - 15mm so I could perhaps increase the track by 10 mm or more on each side.


What is the best way to widen the track, is it spacers or do I look for wheels with a lower offset?.



If I could find a set of  decent 16" wheels with a lower offset that would also widen the track then I could perhaps sell my 17's to offset the cost.






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