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Black Intercoolers


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All I got from that was it would help when sat in traffic, when the car is moving they perform the same as the cooling is governed by the airflow when over the IC.

Has everyone forgotten that stock IC's are black anyway?

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I saw this on fb as well as the results seemed conclusive but , im still sceptical though as there wasn't any heat near the core or pipework nor was there any simulation of weather conditions and outside temps .

As under normal conditions the rad / engine would emit heat behind the core and warm air or rain would affect average intake temps .imo a coat of paint might affect the conducting of heat in different conditions .

Would love to see some back to back tests on a rolling road with both cores on the same car , as I'd prefer to paint my fmic for added stealth [emoji6]

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Yeah engine bay temps were mentioned on another forum, as well as weather.

Also wouldn't the black one get heat soak quicker as it would absorb heat quicker than a silver one?

You could go into so many levels on this, would the type off primer make a difference? It's acting as an insulating layer.

Thickness of paint, type of paint, alternative coatings? Ie anodised, powder coated.

Maybe we need the real Mythbusters to invesitage?

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mine was silver - surprised yours is black


Yeah I went and checked mine and its silver, it seems modern STI's are Silver and WRX's have always been Black. My Classic WRX was Black as was the Sti version I upgraded too.

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V1 & v2 (slanty type) are as my brvs v1 sti had one fitted and Here's my old v3/v4 factory sti tmic post-1399-140328938565_thumb.jpg

And a friend's wrx bug eye had a black tmic and he upgraded to a factory silver sti one .

will admit I'm not 100% sure about the v5 / v6 sti one's being silver but, the v5/v6 uk and wrx one's I've seen have been black , so I assumed the sti ones were silver as well like the other ones I've came across .

Back to the op I still thought it was a good vid but ,won't be spraying my shiny hdi fmic untill I see some rr results with proven power gains

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