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Another possible noob with a few questions!


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Hi everyone,


I'm loking at getting a classic shape Impreza, I've seen a couple on Auto Trader (but feel free to let me know if you have anything for sale near Essex!) and had a read through your new buyers post, ehich was extremely helpful.


So, to the questions. Apologies if these questions have been asked a million times before, but I'm at work right now and can't really search through the forum (I shouldn't really be on here now! shhhh!!)


What are running costs like? I know MPG is a tough one to answer due to everyone driving differently, but a rough idea would be awesome.


Servicing? What are the costs involved here, and is it once a year or more? I think I read every 5000 miles? (which would make it twice in my case)


Parts? I've had a look at various websites and keep going back to Scooby World! The parts don't seem much more expensive than my current car (mk1 MX5) but if anyone knows somewhere else?


Insurance? I know you can't tell me a price for this one, but is there a recommended company I should look into?


This is an odd one, but how wide is the car? I need to know the width from the outer edge of each mirror and the actual car width. I have a narrow drive to get the car into the garage!!


I think that's about it, I'm sure there'll be more that I think of later! If there's anything else you want to share, please feel free.




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Wotcha and welcome Gaz - Bazza (Barry) had a bargain classic located not too far from you (Canterbury Kent) dont know if he still has it though...??


give him a ring on 0771719545




parts prices will be comparable to your MX5 you can by budget stuff or higher end, yes a service every 5k is a good idea with cam belt and pulleys looked at 30K (im more cautious others will leave the belts longer)


dimensions are

Wheelbase 2,520 mm (99.2 in) Length 4,340 mm (170.9 in) Width 1,690 mm (66.5 in) Height 1,405 mm (55.3 in) Curb weight 1,220 kg (2,689.6 lb)
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Just got back from viewing my first Impreza and I loved it!!

It's a Terzo with a P1 body kit, it drove really well the engine felt superb! The dump valve was hypnotic, I couldn't help setting it off every 5 seconds!!

Only downside was second gear, it wouln't go in! The seller said it's the linkage needs replacing apparently. Other bad points was rust on the rear arches, one side was really quite bad!!

If it wasn't for these bad bits I probably would have bought it there and then, but I had a think on the looooong drive home and decided it's not the one for me.

This is it:


Only thing is, now I really, really want one!! I'm trying so hard to keep my cool and not rush into it, but the test drive was so much fun!! I need my own one now!!

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If the synchro mesh has gone and stopping 2nd gear thats a full gearbox replacement and worth doing the clutch at the same time, so make sure you know what it is and budget it to the price if you go for this one. and does look like needs some work so I think be worth leaving it I know it's hard to walk away and even more so when the scooby bugs grabbed you lol :) but be worth it in the long run.

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Yeah man, I've decided to leave it. There'll be another one soon enough. Although, looking every hour is probably overdoing it!!

Haha yep been there mate feel the pain. Strangely I still look at them for sale see what's about :D



Out of interest, what makes a Terzo different to other Impreza's?

Terzo was the edition they released to celebrate the third year of winning the WRC. Terzo I believe is third in Italian. It didn't have any power boost gains over any of the other models that I know of, it was mainly interior and external differences like the paint seats and decals. and a limited amount ever made so like the Catalunya still a nice car to get if you can find a nice one but will hold a bit more value over others with being limited edition cars.   

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Awesome, thanks mate. I'm going to look at another one on Saturday, this one apparently has an aircon problem. He said it's just the fan that's not working, but is there a more likely culprit that I should be looking at?

Thanks for all the help so far, it's been really, err, helpful! I was a bit worried about finding the right Scoob with my limited Impreza knowledge, but the help I've received here has really helped me out a lot :)

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Another question (I know, I'm getting annoying!!)

I keep seeing a car on Auto Trader in silver, but it's got rust on the arches. It looks pretty bad to me:






I've seen a lot of Scoobs with rusty arches and understand that it's a common problem. Is it an expensive job to fix (I'm assuming so as it's the whole rear quarter that'd need spraying) and is there something that I can do to stop it happening when I eventually find one?

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It's fine mate this is what part what the forum and clubs are for :D 

My aircon pump went I just cut the belt to it so mine doesn't now work either :D but it could be a few things you could only take his word for it. With the arches especially the classic shape, they do suffer really bad for the rust on the arches. Unfortunately there isn't any cheap fix for the problem you're better to pay more for the job to be done properly if your going to do it than try save a couple of hundred quid for it to come back. I'd have a guess be about 400 pound to have them cut out and redone to a high standard at a guess. But will mean the cars off the road :( 

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Just got back from seeing my second and third Scooby. The third was an absolute joke so I'm forgetting about that one! The second wasn't bad though. It had a few Prodrive parts on it, which I'll assume was a dealer option? It had the usual rear arch rust (which wasn't the worst I've seen so far!) and a bit on the roof around the sunroof. There was 2 problems though, 1- the interior fans don't work. I could hear the relay clicking when I tried it, but they didn't do anything! Is there a likely culprit?

2- The headlining was missing! Are these easy enough to find and fit? I'm really quite interested in this one, it felt really good mechanically and wasn't too bad cosmetically:


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Hello welcome, have you looked at any imports ? Generally the shells are in better condition.as they haven't been exposed to as many salty winters, obviously a good underseal is a must, they cost a little more to insure but come with a few more goodies and slightly more power.

The rust is a pain but if your coming from mk1 mx5 ownership least you shouldn't have to worry about the sills,

As for the fans on the car could be down to a loose wire or could be something more sinister, did any of the fans kick in at any point on he test drive ?

As for a headliner missing it's a bit odd, has the car had a roll cage in at some point ?

Loads of cars being broken so picking up a replacement shouldn't be too hard

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I haven't looked at an import yet, but I'm not against having one. Is there a way to tell if it's an import by looking at it? I've only been going by HPI's.

I only noticed that the fans weren't working when I'd finished the test drive and was pressing all the bottons to make sure eveything worked.l, so didn't have them on during the drive.

There was no obvious signs that it'd had a roll cage. I did ask why it had no headliner, but he didn't know. He said he bought it like it.

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That your blue 5 next to the terzo ?

Maybe the sunroof has leaked in the past or it was a smokers car before ? Either wa a replacement shouldn't be too hard to come by. On the test drive did you give it the beans and all was ok on the temp gauge ?

Imports will have a shorter vin number on a hpicheck, ovbious signs are better spec with more electrics, rear fog added on somewhere, small rear square number plate, and different badges unless they have been changed.

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