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Northern Big One Sunday 21st June 2015.Sign up


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The UK's largest Subaru gathering

The Northern Big One is the largest Subaru event of the year.

It has been held annually since 2003 at Lightwater Valley, Ripon North Yorkshire.


Next years event is no different and will be held on Sunday 21st June 2015.


No Minimum of cars needed for a stand :D


In the event of you buying your tickets and unforeseen circumstances happen where you will not be able to attend, then you are quite within your rights to give, sell or transfer your tickets to another member or forum user. However please note that you will not be able to seek a refund from the club. If the club doesn't get enough people to attend the events, then a full refund will be returned to you.



  1. Tom
  2.  Nick
  3. David1972
  4. Bandit 
  5. Gambit
  6. Martin Moved away :(
  7. Myke
  8. Classic Mica
  9. Gaulson
  10. Ash
  11. Cheech
  12. Mikey133
  13. Ganty87
  14. Phill_hunt
  15. Alex
  16. Rick2014
  17. Scoobyroy82
  18. BoozyDave
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Me too....bbq etc sounds good to me. Once we get 10 signed up [emoji54] perhaps we can organise something between us all to share the costs? [emoji106]

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I'm toying with this to be fair :) 

My only worry is I have a busy year, I'd really like to do that Europe run with Tlag and Adam too but until I've done this course or know if it's going to clash with it I can't :( 


But would say I might be here for this one :) 

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I'm classing myself as going mate :) I just have added it to the list incase anything changes be like this for all of them for me this year. I've started a course last week ( I won't say how much it's cost me) :( But I have one year to do it and pass well it's actually 2 courses and two tests so it depends on how that goes for me. :) 

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Well I was speaking to them they wanted to have their internal meeting about what they can bring to the forum and I mentioned about them coming to some of the events with us with a sales team and their own stand. Not heard a thing back since. I've sent another email but still nothing. [emoji24]

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