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  1. Hi spoke to you about n/a to turbo build in jan done a ton of research and build will be coming soon just to let you know sorry took a while but just an oil and water pump and some bigger injectors to go and will have everything for the build found out block and crank are same from n/a to turbo its the rod length and heads that were different even pistons are t he same if its the 16v n/a but have all new king heavy duty bearings forged h beam rods new style sti piston arp head studs and block bolts wrx import heads with smoothed intake and exhaust ports with import sti cams twin in tank pump setup stocker sti pump and 450 lph pump staged, sti rad new style sti intercoooler, td05 20g turbo, external oil cooler 3" turbo back exhaust el header and catless up pipe so will let you know when i start it thanks for the info did help👍 

    1. savage bulldogs

      savage bulldogs

      Always glad to help with most things scooby,  chap 👍

      Unfortunately my n/a knowledge isn't too sharp but start a build thread and feel free to tag me in it if you have any further questions .


      Best of luck ,clive 👍

    2. Benjamindavis45


      Awsum thank you clive and the only real difference is the rods are slighty longer the blocks and cranks are identical like i said did tons of research and my freind blew his n/a motor riped it apart and he was building a turbo motor and literally measured and looked at everything cross comparison see whats different and rods and heads the oil passages crank pistons and vavle placement are the same na to turbo just rods were 130. Mm Something so bit longer than the turbo ones so to let you know if anyone asks you you can yous an n/a crank for turbo build as there the same plus if anyone wants to do a stroker they can use an n/a ej25 crank 👍 and will have a 2.2l but yer definitely will add you to the thread and I have one question what do you think ecu wise i should go for i can get my hands on a tuneable stock wrx/sti ecu or piggy back set up as dont have a great deal of cash after getting everything haha btw its a map car and i moddedthe map sensor with a micro pressure switch which means it can read up to 5 bar not that i will be running that much boost haha unless i wanna blow it up and any ideas on what a good safe break in tune will be cheers ben

    3. savage bulldogs

      savage bulldogs

      Happy dayz. 

      I'd suggest to get santa to bring you a afr gauge , as it's always nice to keep a eye on fueling. 

      As for a running in ECU/map that would depend on what model and version scooby it is . Ie if it's a wrx then fit a wrx ECU of the same version/year along with the oe sized injectors and turbo for that ECU map . This should theoretically mean it's a standard wrx running a standard map and simplify wiring. Then disconnect the vacuum lines from the boost solenoid and loop a vacuum line from turbo outlet to actuator. 

      This should by pass the boost control system solenoid and run at "actuated pressure " . Meaning it should only run at the strength of the actuator spring , which is normally about 0.6 bar pending on the oe turbo model spring strength. 

      Once the engines in and ready to run in , I'll happily give you some advice on my usual running in process but its listed on my v7sti engine refresh thread in the build thread section 😉

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