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  1. The hangers are slightly different towards the back end between the classics and newage too.
  2. Love me some arma 3 and DayZ standalone. Ghost1207 if you want to find me. Im usually flying transport on arma 3.
  3. Indeed.
  4. Poor map or poor maf?
  5. Very nice job that. Mine certainly needs a respray 😂
  6. T1R are known for weaker tyre walls on bigger rims/sidewalls. I have T1R on my classic in 16" wheels. Although not as good as my old GSD3's they're a perfectly good budget tyre for me.
  7. Always two sides to every story. We don't always get to here them though. I've never heard of any problems with clinics mapping. Just be careful about extra work they might try to create and don't leave your car alone with them.
  8. Another damning review from piggy. Everyone boycott toyo! 😂 40psi seems a bit high. Try to drop it down to 32 and see how you get on. The picture could explain why you don't feel as much grip and comes across boaty
  9. Get yourself some decent jubilee clips for ease of removal next time if there is a next time.
  10. Simple enough to do from underneath. Depends how small your hands are 😂
  11. Search for oil modine pipe.
  12. Tickets usually arrive a week before the event. You should expect them during next week.
  13. Not sure on the year if your car but the Cam sensor was easy for me to get to without taking any parts off.
  14. Pre 2000 cars can be code checked using the two black connectors found under the drivers side footwell. There is a how to guide on the forum.
  15. How long ago was the oil service? You can disconnect the crank sensor or cam sensor before trying to start the car. It will allow the car to turn over but it won't start. It'll help to get a little burned oil circulated.