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  1. I had an issue on my old scoob. The fmic pipework came apart, car cough spluttered and black smoked the 1/2 mile back home and then wouldn't start again. I disconnected the fuel pump and kept cranking. Eventually it fired up and wasn't anymore issues after getting back on. TL;DR Could the engine be flooded?
  2. ARB mounts or drop links may be damaged. Chances are as Mattie says it'll be the shocks
  3. Best any of us can do is offer experiences as advice. Ultimately it's up to OP. One thing for sure is there will never come a time that everyone agrees on the same thing.
  4. You've got me here being mapped twice, Swino 3-4 times. That's 5-6 maps all with good feedback regarding work. I know of 3 others who have been mapped and are happy. My cars been mapped since January and no issues. If something goes wrong now I can hardly go back and say it must've been the map. If there's a mapping issue it's usually instantly obvious or gets picked up on very quickly.
  5. One proven incident, many more covered up by clinics aggressive threats of court action. Dozens of proven incidents or second hand "my mate" had this done. The problem with this situation is you can never get every detail. Noone can go without ever making mistakes so of course it happens to everyone. How do you or I know that every car that's been mapped is in perfect health before it enters mapping. Does the guy that had his mapped want to look like an idiot when there's an issue caused because he fitted massive injectors 6 weeks before mapping, bore washed his oil, got mapped and then still ran on diluted oil. We know the end results. How about all those that advocate fitting a decat with no remap. Run lean for a month because they enjoy the sound, the extra boost, get mapped and oh look more issues...everyone will blame the mapper.
  6. I'd rather take my two first hand experiences against the one sided stories I'm always hearing. Can we apply the same logic to you leaving your car at clinic? We've all seen the footage.
  7. He mapped mine before piggy and he's also mapped it after piggy. No issues at all. I'd question the health of piggys car pre-map.
  8. Another map thread and more of this rubbish. When will you let it go [emoji23] Racedynamics mapped my car twice now and had no drama. I'm highly mileage, I've done track days and pod runs. Its been perfect.
  9. Mine were horrible. Dropped the car to the floor and rattled the car to pieces on the smallest of bumps. Fitted them and refitted stock in a day because they were that bad. If you're buying new they may well be a lot better and going on a more modern car I'm sure they're made with it in mind. My car was a daily/family car so was at least hoping for a bit of middle ground but absolutely no chance. Tried adjusting the dampers underneath the shock and adjusted the spring to no joy.
  10. I have seen it but it's been a good few years and I wouldn't say I can recite the script.
  11. I've always enjoyed D class races. Much more challenging and keeps you more in mind of your speed. Too easy in LMP to get back up to 200mph. Lose 20mph from a d class and it's a disaster. We need more interest.@Stants needs to get involved.
  12. Emmerdale incident meaning she wants to watch TV and I want to ay xbox. I have my own little corner now. Will we run in to tuning issues? I have tuned a lot where as some have never tuned. It could become unbalanced. It's certainly something I'd like to get on. When is the release date?
  13. Number friends Such a block [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] best friends...nah, we can be number friends.
  14. I'd be up for it. I still have my Xbox but I'd be playing on the pc. Don't have any "emmerdale" incidents anymore [emoji23]