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  1. Does help if they're out of the way too when trying to put the cover back on.
  2. You mean actually spend my money? 😂 Try to avoid that as much as possible. Even if it does mean a full swear jar, which in its own way is saving money.
  3. Or you can avoid being a !Removed! and save yourself labour cost [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji8] Easy enough job to do. Take a few hours if it's your first go. Ideal opportunity to do a plug change too if it's coming up for a service.
  4. I'd recommend any info you log gets sent to a professional. If you don't have a lot of experience with logging or the deeper levels of tuning you may mis-interept the information.
  5. Looks interesting
  6. Wouldn't mind seeing the graph. Wonder how the power gets delivered.
  7. A lot of money to ask for a car being sold as spares and repairs. To aid your chances at getting a sale I would suggest you write a reasonable advert covering why it's spares or repairs and also list why it still warrants £3000
  8. Title has been censored? 🤔
  9. Sounds like a one way valve will fix your problem.
  10. Cracked/perished tyres. Dirty brake, clutch and PAS fluid. Other perishables like cv boots may be brittle or cracked. Possible electrical faults of any condensation has gotten in. Might be worth cranking the engine manually or disconnect the Cam sensor. Get some oil circulating before having it run. The heads will likely be bone dry after 6 years. I'd give it a fresh service too. New drugs, new air, oil and fuel filters. Nice fresh oil in her sump too.
  11. Heat soak would cause detonation. I don't think heat wrapping is ever done to gain HP. Simply to prevent the heat getting into other components. We all know not to gun it after being sat in traffic as the tmic will have taken a lot of heat in.
  12. I had a similar back box and standard centre section when buying my 2000 Impreza. I change the centre and rear to a 3in less restrictive system and gained 23hp iirc. 211hp standard and went up to 234hp. I don't know what the original power was as a comparison so standard figure is based on Parker's and other reviewing sites.
  13. The one you have now sounds like the aux belt for alternator and power steering. The second belt you need will be for the air con. I'm not sure on the product code but if you look on you will be able to find it.
  14. They do the same for me. Always give me a look of confusion because they've never seen it before. Eventually they get a supervisor over and manually deduct 15%. I've even had to calculate it for them before.
  15. May be some choice motors going to that.