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  1. Holy MPG Batman!!

    Got a total of 350mi and it took 11.3 gal to fill.
  2. Holy MPG Batman!!

    Thread revival [emoji5] Having to use my car for work this week and so far managed 234mi and still have over a 1/4 left.
  3. Head gasket fail Noooooo

    May I suggest you refresh the bottom end, the heat may have caused damage to the bearings. You wouldn't want to pay out on HG repair for the bottom end to give up a few months later.
  4. Insurance nightmare!

    Just insured my missus on a 13 plate fiesta ST for £800ish a year. She's only had her full license a month. Only took her near on 6 years to finally take the practical. Passed first time and all that. Called up flux for myself with the scoob. They quoted me 900 with a black box! I'm only paying 650 now with all details identical. Fell off my chair when I heard that.
  5. Burning oil

    You'd certainly see blue smoke of it was turbo oil seals. Can you see under the rocker covers? Especially under drivers side near the turbo uppipe. Its a hot spot so usually goes brittle. Run your hand under the cover when cool to give it a good check.
  6. Wrx STi brakes

    How have they warped so quick? [emoji33]
  7. Finally got a nice classic

    Be careful of the fuelling. Mine broke a maf and was running really rich, smell of fuel and eventually thinned my oil. I have an oil pressure gauge that told me the story. Had it Dyno for the afr and it was running really rich. Get it on a Dyno for a health check and if needed have it mapped. The amount of exhaust work and lack of lambda, I'd imagine the car is rich running so will need tweaking.
  8. Burning oil

    Any oil leaks on the rocker covers?
  9. Is my new Scooby Terminal?

    They might have chucked some head gasket repair gunk in it? Don't know them from Bert but if they're shady enough be careful.
  10. Scoobie Newbie! 2016 WRX STI help!

    You won't get a true burble from the latest model. It has an equal length header. Great for performance but less so if you want that classic burble. Welcome to the club [emoji4]
  11. Super Unleaded for my BRZ?

    "Need" then the answer is no. But it would be a great benefit for the engine, for power and for mpg if you did use premium fuel. I would certainly recommend it. Its not totally necessary standard but if you had it mapped to a specific grade fuel then you would have to keep it on that grade.
  12. Japshow Finale Santa Pod 1st Oct 2017

    Track time you say [emoji848]
  13. Another Newbie 🙂

    Welcome to the club.
  14. Saying hi

    Welcome to the forum. Quite the following down in kent.
  15. Is my new Scooby Terminal?

    Start getting everything on paper, emails and make sure you keep copies. You could open up a legal can of worms here. As for just 800 to fix a head gasket I think he's dreaming. Both sides need to be done, you'd be silly to leave the big in its aged condition and having suffered a head gasket failure. Who knows what damage it suffered. Has he included parts and labour for a new timing belt and kit or just gonna reuse the old one? Plan 1 will come to bite you in the back side soon enough.