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  1. 2007 Sti Forester for Sale

    So much want for this but sooo little cash :( best of luck with the sale it looks like a beaut :D James
  2. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Put fuel in after being on the light for 2days :( In my defence i was seeing how many miles i could get out a tank ....... fuel light + £50 fuel = 299.7 miles! car says i managed 29.1mpg James
  3. Buying used hatch STI - forged?

    Proof is a massive thing! find out who built it and give them a ring, most places will give you the low down on the car / build. Having a forged build is a massive asset to these hatches as they commonly suffer chocolate pistons. James
  4. Looking at buying a 2.0 n/a Impreza

    I have a 2008 impreza RX non turbo hatch and well fuel consumption never gets above 32mpg i average 26-28mpg on a monthly basis! truth being said i couldn't afford insurance on a WRX or STi so went for this but i feel short done by now as it lacks power but still drinks fuel like a turbo haha As for the car and engine ..... solid and reliable for sure, non of the dreaded chocolate pistons :P James
  5. Non turbo insurance

    Do not go with tesco! worst ever for claims and will not pay out at all if they dont have to! just look at there reviews :( wish i had they were awful when i needed them. Ive found admiral and elephant excellent when it comes to insurance on my non turbo hatch :) i pay £74 month ..... 5yrs NCB, 25yrs old, 7years full license, 1 crash and cancelled/voided insurance. As above comments say shop around to high heavens to get best deal :) James
  6. Keyless entry

    Whats running through my mind though is that the small key pad which you enter the codes into works the car alarm/ locking so if all codes are the same surely any keyless impreza owner could break into and disarm the alarm with that code haha Im prob wrong thats just how my brain is seeing it and makes me think all codes would be different to use the keypads :) even if the lock codes combinations are the same id hope there's a code to access the panel which is always different :/ James
  7. Keyless entry

    Should all be in the black subaru owners folder! id imagine all codes are different.
  8. Keyless entry

    I have a 2008 impreza hatch and have keyless entry ..... push black button on door handle and it unlocks the car fully! even when the cars locked i can go to the boot, push boot release and it unlocks the whole car! You currently have keyless? or looking to have it installed ? If you already have it it should just be a programming job to tell the car to unlock fully! James
  9. Newbie

    welcome along mate :) love a good hatch ;) James
  10. Photo bucket's fubar'd

    This is 100% true and happening :( absolutely awful! im a long standing member on the starlet forum ( UKSO ) and this has been covered massively and tapatalk has been deemed the best bet at the moment as it allows direct upload from devices :) As for thread pics using photobucket unfortunately its gone unless you wanna pay £400 your have to start again pics wise :( James
  11. Reddex

    Ive used reddex on multiple cars.... honestly dont feel massive improvements if any. Im currently contemplating CarbonClean, this has seen massive improvements and only cost £99 appears to be reddex on steroids haha and this is my local ones FB page James
  12. 2 Years of owning a classic impreza...

    100% win for the new look mate so so much better :) Keep up the good work James
  13. Forum newbie - hatch owner

    Welcome along buddy! Stunning hatch you have :) anotherhatcg owner here although a nonturbo haha Where in the uk you located? James
  14. Friendly MOT stations southwest

    Decat freindly im assuming ;) Ive used the MOT center, warn road weston-super-mare for years now and never had any problems. go in and have a chat, ive seen some lush cars pass the doors and im 100% sure they dont have cats lol james
  15. Friendly MOT stations southwest

    how friendly are you needing them to be ? James