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  1. Well i've decided that i'm going to pull the engine out over the winter and do the head gaskets as its still using a little coolant and theres no evidence of an external leak also the crank seals are a bit damp so will get them aswell, will steam clean the engine while its out so its all nice and shiney clean 😎 its doing my head in that its all dirty, getting a loan of a folding engine crane so i can get the engine in the back of the car and take it to work and i'll get it on the bench and do it in my limited spare time
  2. GC8 Brake diagram

    Welcome to the club bud, not sure of this is right or not Oh and we like pics of said motor 😁😁

    Welcome along, i'm not the best with electrics but i would say you have all the parts you would need to do the job, i think you will have to run an ignition live to one side of the switch an earth and a live the other side of the switch going to you're lights also not sure about the laws in Argentina but here in the UK you are required to have a tell tale on the switch to show that the rear fog is on from inside the car, hope this helps a little 😉😎
  4. Sorry to hear about you're engine woes especially since you've only had the car 3weeks, i would service the engine before you get it in as the plugs will be easy to change whilst its out coz its a bit of a pain to say the least when the engines in place, can't help with the transporter side unfortunately but if you have AA cover or similar they should be able to get the car back to you, hope you get back on the road soon 👍👍
  5. Diesel Highest Mileage competition

    My daily is a, 2008 Mondeo estate 193,500 miles( still going strong ) Been one of the most reliable cars i've ever had, not many issues the usual wear and tear parts and service every 12,000 miles, biggest part to go was dualmass flywheel at 155,000 miles which i think is not bad
  6. Another mechanic in the house????? BMW help required

    Hiya mattie i've no experience with bm's but it could be a cracked abs ring as that would give a pulsing type feeling through the pedal, hope you get to the bottom of it and its a cheap fix
  7. help

    You could try import car parts they are very good and if they don't list it on their website if you give them a call they may be able to get one for you and the prices are competitive
  8. New Around Here

    Welcome to the club 👍
  9. newbie

    Wecome to the club 👍
  10. Hello All

    Welcome to the club 👍, sorry to hear about the turbo issue though
  11. Sorry to hear about you're problems unfortunately the diesel boxer engines have suffered quite a few problems although i've never had a scoob diesel i have read that they suffer from crankshaft failure so that could be the reason for no compression and if thats the case you can get the crank replaced or it could be just as economical to get another engine dependant on cost of course ☺
  12. Pet? What you got?

    @Sirspidey thanks for the offer buddy 👍👍, i used to have a couple of tropical tanks a few years ago and loved them aswell, i kept alot of different catfish and had siamese fighting fish in seperate tanks of course, plans for this tank are some glass catfish to shoal around mid tank a couple of upside down catfish for the top and a couple of loaches to eat any snails that may appear as already have a couple of the little blighters lol must have been snail eggs on the plants i got, the tetras i have at the moment should be ok as theyl grow to around 2'' they're not small crappy things like neons i wouldn't have them as found they bring disease to the tank, i did think of doing a marine tank but i don't have the time to look after it properly so just went with tropical again, a boy at work has a 600litre marine tank full of coral and it looks amazing ☺☺
  13. Gx

    Welcome along, i dont think anyone has had a remap done on a non turbo as the gains are minimal for what it would cost although i may be wrong as i have no experience with the gx model, think you would be better upgrading the handling and weight saving to gain a little more performance 👍👍
  14. Pet? What you got?

    Recent additions to the household, got myself 10 lemon tetras and 4 pigmy leopard catfish to start the fishtank off, and sasha the pussycat however she has claimed the wife as her human
  15. New guy in kent

    Welcome to the club andy 👍, wow those wheels are bright give me a minute to get my sunnys out 😉😉, but seriously, nice motor you have there bud