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  1. Agreed that looks like a weapon
  2. Hi and welcome to the club, it could be the rear strut tops worn and giving some lateral movement and causing the back end to come round, have you tried jacking up the rear and checking for play back and forth and up and down
  3. We ( myself and the wife) are coming in from the north and leave the A1 at scotch corner which then takes us on to a little back road which goes round the back of the circuit and brings us out about half a mile from the entrance and at the front of the queue 😃, we normally get there around 9.00, we just have general admission tickets aswell but at croft you can get right up close to all the cars and the viewing points are really close to the track aswell so you could say its quite intimate lol, not sure on how to work it if we are there before yourselves i could pm you my number if you like and you could give me a shout when you arrive and i'll get the cuppa's in 👍
  4. Anyone off to croft tomorrow for btcc?@stants are you still going if so fancy a wee meet up for a coffee/tea ☺
  5. @Seminole81 what voltage are you getting down the live wire to the bulb?, if you can try to get the probe on the mutimeter onto the pin in the middle of the bulb holder as thats the live and the metal surround is the earth, it could be the holder itself or the bulb may not be contacting properly inside the holder, if you have a little pick or screwdriver you can bend the live pin up a bit which should give a better contact to the bulb or get a pair of pliers and squeeze the body of the holder so that the bulb is fitting really tight into it, i'm not the best with electrics tbh but know basic stuff. @david1972 not sure if itl be a fuse as i think the rear sidelights are on the same fuse as the front, there will be a fuse for each side, i'm not sure how the front side lights are wired up on your car as i've never worked on one but could it be that the previous owner had a problem with them and wired them in together and now theres a fault with the wiring, its kinda strange how both are not working at the same time unless both bulbs are faulty but i'm assuming that you've already checked them
  6. No worries dude hope it helps 👍, have a good time away down south and stay safe ☺
  7. Not sure mate but found this on the old googley search 👍
  8. Heres hoping bud, hope you're away somewhere nice too
  9. Thats just sods law aint it eh, stuff like this never happens when you have loads of time on your hands does it 😐
  10. Sorry can't help on the caliper side of things but you could put a helicoil in or get a cheap tap and die set and tap it out and put another bolt in, would be cheaper than a caliper
  11. Have you got a test light or multimeter to test if you have power to the bulb holder, could be a bad connection in the holder its self or a broken wire
  12. Yeah i knew the timing belt would have to come off but it was changed last year and its only done 5k since it was put on, however i'll check to make sure its not been contaminated with the oil leak but its not been leaking that long so hopefully itl be ok, also kind of thought i would take the rad out, make life a bit easier thing is i've just done a coolant flush and refresh so going to have drain it all out again and it was a right pita to bleed 😠😠
  13. Cool cheers savage 👍, i will give it a go next weekend, off to croft this weekend for btcc
  14. I think but not sure, it controls the pressure going to the wastegate on the turbo
  15. Hi everyone as the title suggests i think the front crank oil seal is starting to go on my classic ej20 as theres a little oil coming from behind the timing cover just below where the crank is and its using a little oil not much as its not dripping onto the ground yet but after a spirited run i get a whiff of burning oil and i think its dripping a little onto the header which runs from the passenger side, just wondering how hard or easy it is to change, icp sell them for 6quid i think so going to get one, i'm a mechanic so going to do it myself however trucks are my thing so don't really know my way round cars enough to know what kind of job it will be, any advice is much appreciated ☺