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  1. Cool i will pinch some eh i mean acquire some from work tomorrow 🖒🖒
  2. Excellent i've just ordered it and i'm off work next week so will give it a bash, if i can't get my hands in i'll employ the wee man to get in about it 😂, cheers guys
  3. Yeah i think thats the one, was going to order it from icp as its only £15, just wanted to make sure i've got the right pipe, may as well do it at the same time as flushing out the coolant system, do you know if its easy enough to do outside the house or would i have to get it up on the lift
  4. Welcome along
  5. Hiya everyone, i'm needing what i think is a coolant pipe for the scoob as its all rusty and damp, its the one if you're looking down the gap between the rad and the front of the engine that runs over the top of the headers, am i right in thinking thats the water pump to oil cooler crossover pipe, thanks in advance for any advice 😁🖒
  6. Not a problem buddy hope you manage to sort something out and the day goes as well as it can under the circumstances
  7. Hi colin really sorry to hear about your friends lad, its unimagineable to lose a young one, i would have loved to have came up but my car still needs a little work and you're quite far away from me as i'm down in the borders if the car had been ok i'd have been well up for a road trip, i had a look and its about a 450 mile round trip however have you tried on theres quite a few people on there from around the aberdeen/inverness area who may be able to help you out
  8. Haha yeah i think we all know how that feels, but just think soon it won't be pics you looking at it'l be right outside your window 😎
  9. There's a turbo 2000 popped up in the for sale section looks ok from the pics that have been put up, it has already been modded though but it may be worth a look
  10. Welcome along
  11. It could be one of the caliper slides thats tight or seized as that can make the brakes squeal unless you have 4pots then just ignore me lol
  12. Welcome along, hope you get the right motor soon especially as you're already buying parts 😅, if you decide to go for the earlier classic uk2000 i think they may run the td05 turbo which is the same turbo which is on mine but i have an import so not sure if the jap ones run the same set-up or not someone will be along to correct me if i'm wrong, they seem to be able to handle the flutter better than the newer turbo's so i've read anyways as i love the sound of the flutter and have been undecided so far as whether to do it on mine or not, however as sandy has said it does put alot of stress on the turbine as it can stall it, happy shopping and we look forward to pics 🖒🖒
  13. Congratulations buddy, he's a wee cutie glad to hear he already likes the scoob 🖒🖒
  14. Fitted walbro 255 fuel pump as oe pump was starting to give up the ghost it has making some stange noises recently, it may just be in my head but i'm sure the car is running better with alot better throttle response
  15. Got the scoob insured for another year thanks to flux